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Woo Jin, who is a repeater of college entrance exam, and Taek Shik's friend, Kang Hee come and visit Woo Jin's hometown on a small island. Woo Jin's mom, Hyeon Sook, used to work as an erotic movie actress for a short time when she was too young to make the right decisions for herself. Now she operates a small sashimi restaurant and a bed and breakfast to make a living on the island. She lives her life like a hermit, refusing to visit the land even once.

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Although Hyeon Sook has sex with Bong Seong, she rejects his proposals. In addition, Woo Jin and Kang Hee are lovers, however, Kang Hee allows kisses only, but nothing else of her body, which is against Woo Jin's wishful thinking.

One day, Woo Jin is terribly shocked to accidentally see his mom and Bong Seong having sex.

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With Woo Jin in anger, he went to Kang Hee and tried to rape her. As a result, he breaks up with Kang Hee. Hyeon Sook announces breakup to Bong Seong for her son. Tae Shik is about to watch a DVD with erotic movies he borrowed from one of his friends.

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Hong Kong. South Korea. Adapted From A Novel. Web Series.

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Adapted From A Manga. Gay Character. Love Triangle. Time Travel. Idol Actor. High School.

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Strong Female Lead. Male Chases Female First. Age Gap. Romaji: Jeormeumeumma 4 .

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Country: South Korea. Episodes: 1. Release Date: Apr 28, Duration: 1 hr. Genres: RomanceDramaMelodramaMature. Main Role Ah Ri. Park Cho Hyun. Busted 2 South Korea. Invisible Man South Korea. The Culprit South Korea. Madame South Korea. The Mentalist South Korea. Wiretap South Korea. Doctor Foster South Korea.

Young mother 4 2016

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