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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. JibJab has a consumer rating of 4. Consumers satisfied with JibJab most frequently mention customer service, much fun and birthday card. JibJab ranks 2nd among Greeting Cards sites. What a great experience of hopeful support, listening, trust and prompt action! I only tried to contact jib jab support to ask for an assistance to a billing error. Not expecting that prompt reply and succeeding messages. And I'm most grateful, when I received the message subject:"Resolved Indeed, Thank you so much!

Truly, when I tried to use Jibjab and showed it to my family, we enjoyed it! But can only afford the "free" samples. As other people have commented they lure you in on the pretence that it is free, let you choose a card, select a picture, make your card, and then - before you can even see the result of your hard work - pop up a window demanding payment! Sorry, I don't care how good the product might have been, these are disgraceful tactics and should not be allowed.

I have enjoyed using Jibjab for three years. I am impressed X rated jibjab the new content that is regularly being added. I'm not sure what the other reviewers were expecting to get for free.

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When I did have an issue with auto renew, Jibjab got back to me promptly, resolved the issue, and even went above and beyond by suggesting that I confirm certain settings on my Paypal. I highly recommend this company! This app has brought laughter and cheer to my friends. Even if someone is sick you can send a cute get well video to let them know you care. Great birthday stuff included! You can save many faces from your contacts, and gallery to make fun videos!

I love this app! It's worth paying for a full year of endless, and unique ways to say happy birthday, congrats, happy Valentine's, or merry Christmas! I have been a long-time user of JibJab to engage students and make a tired faculty smile. I have seen it grow through the years and the hilarious creativity of the staff never fails to produce scenes that are enjoyed by adults and young students alike.

No company is perfect, but this one listens to the customer and attempts to change what they can without breaking laws or the bank. It's worth making recommendations to them. They listen. I have been using JibJab for several years, very X rated jibjab and funny videos at a low price.

I meant to cancel my automatic renewal as l no longer have anybody left to sent them to, but l forgot. I contacted JibJab and received an back from a lovely lady named Heather, without hesitation or a cross examination she refunded the money back into my. An excellent company to deal with, and a big thank you to Heather. Not carefully reading the payment option, I accidentally selected the annual membership rather that the one time access to the site.

I will definitely reference Jibjab as an enterprise who does put their customer first. Thank you for the excellent customer service experience! I will definitely use our site again! I saw the renewal charge on my card and thought " oh no, I'm stuck for another year! I soon received a sweet that confirmed my request. Thank you for making dealing with your company so easy and friendly. It encourages me to do business with you again X rated jibjab the future. Jib Jab is great. Have enjoyed it for the past year. Customer service is quick and painless. Highly recommend!

Tip for consumers: This site is very entertaining for sending personalized cards. I'm very impressed with the customer service that these fine people have to offer.

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Not only do they have a darling way of sending e-cards to people but knowing that they're there for their customers makes me say I will be a return customer year after year. In the short time I've been a member I just want everyone to know that you can't go wrong with JibJab.

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Positive in every way. I was taken a bit by surprise when my subscription automatically renewed. I immediately requested a refund via and, frankly, expected to be disappointed and to have to fight for what I've requested. I was pleasantly surprised when my request was graciously, and expeditiously granted.

As a result of the outstanding customer service I've received, I will now consider renting my subscription in the future when I am better able to do so. Thank you JibJab. I've not heard of jib jab before as I live in the Uk however when my card was illegally used for their site with 1 small with no more than my full name they were able to deal with X rated jibjab issue and issue a refund without any intrusive questions. Perhaps its a cultural difference but this has to he some of the best customer service ive experienced in my life Thanks again.

With the virus and lockdowns, I have bored grandchildren who ed up for JibJab. There were LOTS of laughs. However, I didn't read the ad and we misunderstood the price. I wrote to them this morning and without any questions or hassle, they instantly refunded my !

When we're all back to work, I think we'll get a subscription! Thank you, JibJab! Very easy to make a video by using own ed pictures, simple and user friendly. Great for having a laugh with family and friends, cuts down costs for cards and can send link to multiple people.

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Only given an average score as the facility on share doesn't seem to be working effectively or may take longer to go through depending on the recipient provider. Will test it for the remaining year, enjoy!

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While reviewing my deceased husband's bank statement, I noticed an unfamiliar charge. Upon investigating, I discovered it was for JibJab. My husband was retired and loved to create memes for his friends, but I'm still working and don't have time.

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So, I asked that the be closed and fee refunded. Before I could finish the sentence, Robert handled the matter with respect, courtesy and cheerfulness. Isn't that the type of customer service we all desire? Once I have the time to spend creating fun and playful memes, I'll be back with JibJab! Joe in customer service was excellent.

I got charged for another year and thought I had stopped automatic renewal, but he quickly put through the credit and cancelled my and as another person said, times are tough now and we need to be careful with spending Excellent customer service and even when I had trouble in the past with sending a card, they were quick to respond. I have enjoyed using JibJab for a few years. It is easy to use and fun. However, I find that there aren't enough video cards, to choose from, that are 'family-friendly'.

Many are a little too raunchy and crass for my taste, to be honest. I would gladly resubscribe if they created more video cards that I would feel comfortable in sending to my grandchildren and other family members. I was impressed though with how quickly they responded and refunded me I have had much fun with this site in the past. I am retired now and living abroad with very little access to the Internet in the remote area where I live on my farm.

I had cause to request a refund of my auto-renewal subscription recently and I was indeed very surprised at the speed and promptness in the reviewing and processing my request. Customer Service rocks and I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone looking for fun ways to express him or herself. Great job guys! I work in Marketing and I can say the the overall subscription and customer service surpassed any other that I've had in my career.

This is noteworthy, their team and the user experience should be applauded. I need to share this 5 star rating with everyone. Kudos Job Jab team! Well done! X rated jibjab an issue surfaced requiring the assistance of their customer service department. Although I was not sure what to expect, I was surprised by X rated jibjab level of friendly responsive help I was given. Most important, with their help my issue was quickly resolved which exceeded my hopeful expectation. Way too expensive. I've already found something similar elsewhere for free. And my internet service is very weak here.

X rated jibjab

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