Witcher 3 prostitute

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Hey peeps, I know this idea isnt lore friendly at all but is it possible to make with a mod?

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I also wanna do it with men in the game. There are male prostitutes around so why not? This is no trolling I cant think of another way of putting this out here. I as a gaymer do I wanna giggity with a male one. I can't help you but I also want this. Not that this looks like it's going anywhere but if you do find or make one let me know! Yeah, this won't happen, unfortunately.

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Geralt is an "established character" and if you role play his sexuality in any way other than straight or even dare want decent LGBT representation in a witcher game, that makes you an evil BioWare hugging Social Justice Warrior SJW, because justice apparently sucks in the eyes of many of this game's fans.

And we all know it has to stay true to real Witcher 3 prostitute, its just so imperative that The Witcher series stays absolutely true to Medieval Feudalism as it has always gone to great pains to do. After all, ancient Poland was settled when humans came to earth via a magical planetary cataclysm and it was filled with vampires, werewolves, unicorns, dragons, elves and dwarves for such a very long time.

Lesbianism and female bisexualty of course is a different matter as it was extremely common back then in Poland, especially among all the unnaturally beautiful magically age defying sorceresses running around in Poland at the time. You know the old Polish saying.

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Posted 15 March - PM. XenaFan Stranger Members 5 posts. Can someone help me make this mod? Any other gaymers?

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Witcher 3 prostitute

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