Wife looks at other guys

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ed Jun 19, Hello everyone, Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me. I love my wife more than anyone else including my own family, long story however, she does something that gets me so mad I can become physically ill and mentally raged Im not talking about harmless looking admit it, we are all human and have a normal wandering eye now and then she actually will stare at other men and seek the eye contact out. Then I look directly in the direction she is looking in and I have even gotten up and left the restaurant because of this Then, after I notice them exchanging deep eye contact, it will happen the whole time we are there Its not just one or two looks, it happens the whole time.

I don't think she has ever cheated, I have never cheated, we both love each other very much I have, very calmly approached her on this topic wanting to resolve it and let her know how much it hurts but its all excuses like It really insults my intelligence to hear that ed Jun Wife looks at other guys, Are you SURE she's not cheating? The one getting cheated on is the last one to know usually, so, no, I am not sure I wouldnt think she is My husband used to do this practically everywhere we went because he was always seeking another woman and it fed his Ego.

ed Oct 29, You have every right to feel the way you do if she is doing what you say she is doing. My guess is that she is doing it and is denying it when you question her. I have encountered women like this. I think of them as either being a tease trying to see if you will give them the attention or actively looking for a relationship of some kind. All I can say is enforce your boundaries. The problem I see is that if she does this when you are with her, what does she do when you are not there? What happens when the stare in the man approaching her?

My wife absolutely loves me. I really know it for a fact, when you know you just know I dont think she would cheat because she is fully loved sexually and emotionally I dont know what to make of this. It even happens on very important occasions like on a cruise ship restuaurant we went on a cruise an got married it happend 2 days before we were getting married ed Feb 24, A few thoughts come to mind. She is being extremely disrespectful of you. To give her the benefit of the doubt maybe she doesn't realise how much it is killing you and foolishly likes to have you feeling jealous to boost her own self esteem.

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Have you actually explained to her how it makes you feel? If not, do tell her in no uncertain terms, but only tell her once, and then if she doesn't stop it immediately then you know she couldn't care less about your feelings. And if she's not cheating, or planning on cheating, she's playing with fire as one day one of these men may not take kindly to being teased!

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You shouldn't have to put up with this. For many, myself included, this would be a dealbreaker. What's the general state of the relationship? SamIAm said:. Very disrespectful. Are you sure she isn't doing it to bother you? Maybe she likes it when you get jealous and show her you care. Seems strange she would do it so obviously right in front of you. If I stared at a girl's boobs right in front of my wife, I would expect to get slapped.

I view eye contact as much more intimate than that. Advocado said:. ed Apr 29, ed Oct 31, What nationality is she? How did you meet?

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Faithful Wife said:. Why do YOU think she has stare downs with other men? What's your hunch? Because in my opinion. It doesn't matter what you think is going well, or how much you think you must be pleasing her. Telling them she's interested. Ask her if she's be okay with you doing the same thing? I'm not suggesting you do it but maybe if you can get her to think about how it would feel, she might be inclined to come out of denial about what she is doing - even if she won't openly admit it, she may stop doing it. I know this sounds sneaky, but is there anyway you could "bait" her into doing this with a guy you know, and have the guy with a hidden camera in his hat or something?

So that later you can show her what you mean? If she is going to keep denying it, you are going to have to show her what you are seeing. Once you do show her, I bet she would snap out of it immediately. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. Talk About Marriage. A forum community dedicated to married life between you and your spouse.

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Wife looks at other guys

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Why Does My Wife Like Attention from Other Guys?