Wife kissed another man

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Dear Chump Lady. My wife and I were good friends for 5 years, dated for almost another 5 and have been married for 8 years, have 2 kids, with our 9th anniversary coming up at the end of this month. She felt attraction for him as did Chris for her. My wife thought about it for a few days before asking me if she could go.

Obviously I said no and we got into a serious discussion. We moved on from it or so I thought.

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Fast forward to a few weeks ago from today, she a type of therapist was at a crossro at her current workplace. She was considering going to another company after having worked there for several years. We discussed this together and the idea of her going to private practice came up.

I suggested she reach out to her contacts for advice on starting a business and start networking.

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One day, she runs into her old high school crush at a coffee shop. DC has his own practice psychologist and does well for himself. My wife and DC started to talk about it and after a few talks, he convinces her to work with him for a few sessions. They drive out for a few sessions here and there, she does some work free of cost in return of advice and mentorship on starting a business. A few days after I joke about the texting, she comes home an hour later than usual. I ask her about her day and she said she went on a walk around a park with him to talk and catch up on times remember they used to go to high school together.

At the end of the following day, she comes home crying. She told me that she told DC they could only be friends, she had attraction to him and she was sorry.

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I was numb. While I had joked about the texting and the walk, I was slightly suspicious of the behavior but chose to trust her. We had a serious conversation. She was attracted to him and wanted to see how far it went.

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How far would it have gone? She admits that she was interested emotionally. She is curious about him. I agreed with her that nothing happened, and understanding feelings can occur human nature, etc but had hoped she would taken precautions a bit earlier. After that conversation, things somewhat returned to normal. Two days later, after we had sex and were going to take a shower, she asked if she could kiss him. She was interested in what kissing him was like. Not just a peck but tongue and possibly makeout session.

At this point my heart sank. After struggling with this, I told her that this was her choice, and like it is everyday, we have to make choices. I did tell her that if you do anything to tell me. At the worst, who knows what could happen. At the end of that day, she told me she kissed him. My heart sank and broke. She had knowingly and intentionally kissed him. I was sad. Your wife wants to date other men while married to you.

Explore her attractions. Act on them. Accept gifts. Spend special time together. Where do you fit Wife kissed another man Raise children, bring home a paycheck, roll the trash to the curb on Thursdays. Oh sure. Just a kiss. Like a Disney princess. Their eyes will lock in a magic forest and birds and mice will dress her for the ball. How could you begrudge Ms. Hallmark channel her romantic fantasy? To make out with her co-worker and tell you about it? Getting buy in! Before she acts on it.

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And of course she has power to play — because you are deeply invested in a life with her and made small children together and a lifetime commitment. Yes, everyone here has agency. Yes, sure. The world is full of attractive people. Can you ever feel safe in a relationship in which you wife als her availability to other men? Same with Dr. Dreamy there. There are good women out there who would cherish you and not risk your family for fucks and flattery.

I suggest you lawyer up. If she complains, tell her you were considering a life without her.

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You just wanted to see how far it would go. This totally sucks, not unlike what happened with my wife. Get a lawyer, bub, and never look back.

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Here you are surrounded by people who lived the same mistake because they Wife kissed another man not yet have access to the wisdom of Chump Lady and Chump Nation. JB she no longer sees you as a partner, you are a friend with benefits. Having been in a long term marriage and together since I was 17 25 years I know this all too well. She is telling you about as if you were her girlfriend. End this right now. Her ship has sailed and it is not coming back to you and if it does she will hold it against you and you will suffer a sad unhappy lingering marriage.

Your marriage is over. My husband strayed, came back, strayed, came back. I danced and danced aka got more and more humiliated. When I look back, our marriage was over the very first time. Save yourself some heartbreak and time. Chump Nation is the best support and laughter to help you through. Take care! Few things worse than a wife who wants you to them in mooning over their lost-love AP. Which I have learned is the lynchpin if marital reciprocity. Years later my second wife and I feels like my only REAL wife are mutual nooners, and my ex could live on the moon for all I care.

Over 20 years ago Mr. Magoo came crawling back to our family after his MOW cheated on him. Not only did I dance as hard and fast as I could to keep him with us over the next decades, but I also had to shove down my feelings of overwhelming sadness, betrayal and humiliation to comfort HIM.

Wife kissed another man

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My Wife Kissed Another Man