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The food options include burgers, pasta, tacos, wraps, and sandwiches. These foods give Walk-On's that Southern cooking feel while offering a sports bar experience.

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One appetizer of note is their fried pickles. When a customer orders this appetizer, they should be ready to share the load, because they will have 20 ounces of pickles coming their way.

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Customers can choose to sit in one of two main dining areas or at the bar. There is not a seat in the establishment without a view of a television.

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The capacity of the new restaurant is approximately and, since capacity restrictions are in the process of being lifted in Arkansas, Walk-On's will be able to fill the restaurant as soon as they open on Monday. In preparation for the grand opening, the Walk-On's in Fort Smith held several test services for the public in order to give the wait-staff and kitchen practice in getting dishes out correctly cooked and on time.

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Along with the wait-staff, several managers and trainers were supervising the service. Regional trainers came in to make sure that the new restaurant runs the same way Walk-On's are run across the country. What started as two friends walking on to the Louisiana State basketball team, soon evolved into an idea for what founders Brandon Landry and Jack Warner called a "Sports Bistreaux. According to their website, the pair drew a layout of the restaurant on an airplane on the way back from an away game. That drawing is still on every drink napkin in the restaurants and each restaurant is laid out in the same footprint that is drawn on those napkins.

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Landry and Warner opened their first restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in and since then the franchise has grown to more than 45 locations across nine states. There is no information as to if Brees will be at the grand opening on Monday. Facebook Twitter .

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Walk-On's Sports Bistreaux in training for grand opening.

Walk ons waitress

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