Ugly girl with curly hair

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Top Rated Discussions. Log In. Tagged Discussions. Do you think straight hair is beautiful and that every other person with curly hair should get thier ugly locks straightened? It attracts a lotta attention. The funny part is, the people who have complimented me also ask me to get it straightened. I ask why, they say just like that, they think its weird on me since every girl is getting rid of their curly or wavy hair, and maybe I should too. I mean is it so that curly hair doesn't look nice, that they'd go about spoiling their hair with hot iron? I have told them a big NO all the time, and said that I think my hair is far better than theirs because mine is natural, and stands out beautifully among a clone of boring straight hair!

I love curly hair! I wish I had it, but I think a lot of women are like that.

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If they have straight hair, they want curly. If they have curly hair, they may want straight hair. My mother has curls and doesn't like them one bit but they are hard to manage. She has tried every product on the market and has used tons of stylists, only to have her curls stick out and frizz up.

She's going to hate visiting me in the South lol. I have wavy hair, so it's allright except for being in humidity, then I have to use tamers on it so I don't get the infamous fro mullet. I think if you love your hair, keep it. Oh I really love my hair and wouldn't ever straighten em. Girls have tried to compel me to follow their stupid trend, and am not a fashion-slave, I make my own fashion and I have always stuck to what I think is beautiful on me - my natural self. If this is your picture you have beautiful hair.

I know it is nice either way to have hair period. Many who don't have any would die for a strand in the front of their he. I do think healthy hair is the best over all. If you have to add chemical to your hair to get it reversed. Your hair is not better than a natural persons hair. Many people just follow the fashion times and so this means a perm for many.

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I would rather my natural hair color over dieing my hair. Your hair is the best. Don't follow I totally agree, having healthy hair gives a person the best look. I know some people really wished they had my curls but rather stick to the 'in' fashion of straight hair.

Thankfully I don't think that way, I carry my curls with pride and change no matter what fashion is in or out. My daughter Britney has the same kind of hair as you, She's only 8 and she hates it. I think though it may because she still young and to take care of it is a lot. I'm hoping as she gets older she will appreciate what she has because not everyone has it. You are so right, but thats really not the case with me, I love what I have! I even have my hair done with curl.

I thing curly hair is far more beautiful than straight hair. Straight hair are too boring to look at and most of them got nothing to say when it comes to its vibrants waves. I think you did the right thing of not letting any of them dictate how you should look like. Thank you, thank you so much! You are soooo lucky to have naturally curly hair. I would give anything to be able to have that kind of hair.

My hair is baby fine and super straight. It's hard to do anything with it or have any kind of body even with styling. When my hair is long I actually go Ugly girl with curly hair for a perm just because it gives me some body and some styles to work wit.

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Don't straighten your hair if you don't want to, work those curls girl! I know straight hair can be difficult to style, but you have a healthy hair, and I think thats really beautiful. Okay, you did what looked best on you, It just doesn't suit some people but that really doesn't make curly hair ugly does it? Let anyone brand me a 'fashion faux pas' but I still love my curls and would have em on.

I wish I had it : No what did I get?? I got WAVY hair. My sister got the curls, I got the waves. I wont complain. But I sometimes wish my hair was curly not wavy. Its how it goes though. So no I think curls are great! I wish mine curled. Many curlies aspire to achieve second-day hair, while some of us would just be happy to make it through the day with our waves and ringlets looking shiny and defined. That's where curl rejuvenators come into play. Also called curl boosters and curl revitalizers, this category of products serves several functions.

They can re-activate your styling product; they can moisturize and refresh the hair; and they can quickly zap frizz. Some people might use water in a spray bottle to revive their curls. But this actually can be drying to curls and waves, making them frizzier. Most revitalizers contain different ingredients deed to refresh, moisturize and define the curls. Many contain magnesium sulfate epsom saltwhich helps to perk up curls and re-activate styling products. They also contain humectants such as glycerin, botanical oils and honey.

And some use polyquateriums and silicones to zap frizz and add definition. Curly hair is beautiful if the girl keeps them well looked after. Some girls don't wash it often and don't comb it, then it looks horrible to me. Luckily curly hair comes in and out of fashion all the time so I am there when it is cool and uncool.

Am I bothered, NO! I have curly hair and that is it. Not much I can do about it. But it has its advantages, I can Ugly girl with curly hair it myself as it is messy, so flaws cannot be detected and I don't have to spend a fortune going to the hairdressers. You wear your curls with pride.

I am always asked if mine is natural or not and I am always complimented on it. Those who tell you to straighten your hair are jealous, because if we want we can chose to have it either straight or curly. I would want to give you my second best response for this! Yes, I think too, the ones that want me to change are jealous that they all look alike when I stand out beautifully plus I can do any style with my hair.

Curly hair is not at all ugly.

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I am the youngest in 6 children and I am the only one who has a curly hair. And only few people in our place who were born with curly hair and so many envied my hair when I was still. Many go to the parlor to have their hair curled and so why should I have my hair straightened.

It's beautiful. Hazel Funcion. Of course not! Curly hair is beautiful and I love to see ladies with this kind of hair which is also head turning.

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I have an officemate who have her curly hair relaxed and I just pity the hair. I liked it when it was curly and it looks sexy before than the new straight dull hair. I think curly hair looks nice and is so different in a pool of common straight hairs. My girl friend has curly hair and I like them but big curls not short curls For me both straight and curly are nice but most of the people have staright and now they go on for a hot iron Curly hair looks so different and stylish in this crowd.

Not just because everybody is dong it, you also have to. Beauty still lies in the eyes of the beholder. I've seen a lot of women who looks prettier or more attractive in curly or wavy hair. I guess a lot of girls only like to have straight hair because that is the trend and they've seen a lot of actresses having straight, boring hairs. Besides if you see yourself beautiful with the right kind of attitude then your whole image will reflect that whether you have straight or curly hair.

I Know a lot of girls with great-looking naturally curly hair who have tried to straighten their hair, and regretted their decision at the end.

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This is because they have destroyed the natural beauty of their hair. I like seeing blonde curly hair. I hope you don't straighten yours. With all the harsh chemicals in the salon or in the stores that you could purchase, you might just damage your hair.

Ugly girl with curly hair

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Do you think curly hair is ugly?? :(