The witcher 2 love scenes

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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Parent reviews for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Based on our expert review. Based on 18 reviews. Based on 12 reviews. Add your rating. Parents say 18 Kids say Adult Written by BothnianReviews February 3, Medieval fantasy. Personally i don't get the whole shock about the sex scenes in Witcher, there are not even many sex-scenes in Witcher 2, actually i don't remember any particular one at the moment.

But c'mon if you are fine with killing people with swords and axes, how come breasts are so horrible? That being said the violence in this game isn't in my opinion any worse than it is in the game Skyrim, so if you let your kids play Skyrim you could as well let them play this.

The story in the Witcher games might be leaning towards adults though I understand that there is violence,references to drugs,sex, and gambling or acts of these things but its all depicted in such a way, that i don't see it harmful for anyone who is 14 years or older. I am a young adult trying to write sensible evaluations of games that i have played, its shocking that people give lower ratings to extremely gory horror game Resident Evil 7 The witcher 2 love scenes game too but only for adults and this game which is basically the equivalent of Lord of the Rings, there is also smoking and drinking in lord of the rings, there is no sex - but seeing a naked character can't be that bad can it?

This review Helped me decide. Had useful details. Read my mind. Report this review. Parent of a year-old Written by Polingeddy January 27, Pornography, parents beware! This game is pornography. I didn't even make it through the first set of cutscenes. This title contains: Sexy stuff.

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Parent of a 12 and year-old Written by Eric Stimpson May 23, Would be a great game without sex I am a gamer and this is a pretty good game. When my wife took a work trip i thought i would let my 15 year old son take a shot at it. The only reason i didn't let my 11 year old son play it was the partial nudity. If you have a mature 14 year old than all 3 Witcher games should be okay.

Parent of a year-old Written by dad November 28, Fine for teenagers, not below. I watched my son attack and kill several monsters and people alike, but then again, we also happen to watch gory movies such as Saw or shows like The Walking Dead. The amount of blood in there is much less then what he has already witnessed.

The sexual scenes involve no genitalia, which is my only concern. We have all been exposed to breasts, as we breastfeed on our mothers.

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As a conclusion, this is a game fine for teenagers, as the sexual content is low, and the violence is reasonable. This title contains: Positive Messages. Adult Written by Gathison November 10, Why you should think twice.

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Being a huge fan of the universe of Sapkowski's "The Witcher" I own the books and have even considered learning Polish so I can read the books that have not been translated into English yet. As you could probably guess, I was excited when I got another opportunity to take control of Geralt of Rivia The Main character aka "The Witcher" and begin a great and dark journey into the politically controversial fantasy world I had fallen for back when it was only shown to me by words written on s.

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But despite that, I cannot support the idea of allowing children to experience this world while they are still so young. Violence in the forms of abuse, rape, oppression, torture and genocide are apparent in the heavy atmosphere of The Witcher 2.

The violence is not as simple and straight-forward as you might see it in many other M rated titles, it is far more vicious and despicable. Drug and alcohol use is a must for both your character Geralt and the people surrounding you. This included drugs similar to opium, hallucinogens, etc Profanity by the use of every word you can likely think of for clarification: The "F" word and all others as vulgar and lesser. Blood and gore on par with what you might see in the popular television show "The Walking Dead" including dismemberment and frequent bloodshed through combat and ritual.

Also, some of the most graphically displayed sexuality and nudity known to the The witcher 2 love scenes universe. These instances of sexual activity are either story-driven or pointless depending on player choice. A player can engage in romances with characters like "Triss Merigold" and "Ves". These romances are deep and romantic, but the pay-off for devotion to these characters is sex displayed with full nudity including breasts, buttocks and genital regions, explicit sexual movements in intercourse, sodomy, etc.

Yeah, it is extremely graphic. The end point is that this game contains absolutely everything it can when it comes to being rated M for Mature, more so than other titles like "Grand Theft Auto" and "Call of Duty". Does this content litter the game?

Absolutely not. It all serves its purpose. Whether or not you and I can agree on the necessity of graphic sexuality being present in a game doesn't matter.

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The point is, it is there, and you have to decide whether or not that is something YOU believe is alright for your children or even yourself to play for the sake of recreation. My advice? If you watch "Game of Thrones" on HBO, then you have already experienced the maturity this game contains.

Thanks for reading! Parent of a year-old Written by Spintex October 16, Good for a developing mind This game can teach your child a lot, fortunately it is not to bad and the only thing to watch out for is the sex. Adult Written by Shade October 15, Everything is controllable through the settings menu and the sex is optional, have fun!

Adult Written by SleepyOne October 15, Buy it for a mature young teen This game teaches your child a lot of interesting things about morality, sexuality, and how serious the voices you make are. It fortunately was about as violent as Lord of the Rings and the sex was nothing your child hasn't seen in a PG movie. Positive role models. Adult Written by SmartParent October 15, Should have been teen This is a game with very little violence, the reason it is M is because of sex and language. If those two things aren't big deals for you then this is a good game, the first was still better though.

Adult Written by Shepard October 15, Buy it now! A fantastic game with a great story, this was also rated M for sex not violence. My wife was worried about buying it for our 12 year old kid because she had read it was violent but this is untrue.

The only reason you should maybe keep this game away from your kid is if you dislike we in your household, The witcher 2 love scenes it should be fine. Adult Written by Seus October 15, Loved it I play games with my son all the time and I was hesitant to buy him an M rated game but I was pleasantly surprised.

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It was not at all violent unlike what I had read on here and it was easy to play with a plot worthy of such a highly praised RPG. Buy this for your child even if you normally don't let them play Mature games, it is worth it. The one thing you need to watch out for though is sex, fortunately there is no rape which was what worried me but you could still engage in sexual avers with other characters. Parent of a year-old Written by ladybug October 15, Similar to Lord of the Rings My husband, daughter, and I all play and love this game, it has a wonderful story and characters you can really connect with.

The romance options teach kids about developing a loving relationship with another, it does not have the same sexual violence and objectification of women that Dragon Age had which is a welcome break. The violence in this game in low and avoidable in many scenarios. This game is good for young, mature teens as it develops them emotionally and teaches them that their actions have consequences. The only thing I didn't like was the swearing but even that was not that bad. This title contains: Language.

Parent of a year-old Written by Mrs. Connors October 15,

The witcher 2 love scenes

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