The last unicorn boob tree

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Posted 02 April - PM. I tried watching it in my late teens and really couldn't get into it at all. In my experience trying to get friends to watch The Hobbit and Return of the King, thees movies are kinda-sorta horrbile unless you grew The last unicorn boob tree with them, in which case they are amazing. I do still bust out laughing every time I hear Glen Yarbrough warble "The greeeeeeeeatest adventure Posted 03 April - AM.

I'd also put "Watership Down" in this category of super nostalgia inducing films, but I've seen that one several times in the intervening years, so watching it now doesn't have quite the same punch as seeing something you haven't seen since you were little. Posted 03 April - PM. All this speak of nostalgia My vote goes to Sword in the Stone.

Pure hilarity and amazing voice work. I still cry at the dish washing scene. Oh Lordy. I don't remember a lot about it, except the stuffed camel they meet up with and the giant mountain-sized monster made of candy that tries to kill them or something. It's not on DVD, though. Posted 04 April - PM. Thanks for your support! By providing links to other sites, CheapAssGamer. Forums Games CAGcast new! Games Reviews. Code Giveaways. Prices Price Tracker v3. Price Tracker v4 Beta. Amazon Gold Box Deals new! Lists 0. Wiki Moderation Our game database is maintained by the community. Moderate Edits.

Add Missing Product. Product Information. Please log in to reply Link Posts Only new! Posted 02 April - PM This was one of my most cherished films from childhood, and one of the first I remember seeing in the theater which probably dates me a bit. Scary stuff. Why are all of the magicians in the movie Jewish? There is a distinct obsession with large, floppy breasts in this movie. And of course the massive mammaries on the tree Schmendrick inadvertently brings to life, which she promptly uses to try and smother him.

That brought back memories of my bachelor party. It helps that Schmendrick is the most nuanced and sympathetic character in the story, but you could tell Arkin really invested a lot in his voicing of this character without ever crossing the line into camp or scenery chewing.

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The title song by folk-rock duo America. Mommy Fortuna. Also, Angela Lansbury is one of the best voice actors ever. The Red Bull. Still intimidating after all these years, even though I now primarily associate that phrase with something you drink to avoid a hangover. The scene where Molly meets the unicorn. I think we all feel a little bit of resentment and sadness as the things we relied upon in youth fail to prevent the indignities and compromises of growing older. Not a great way to start the movie. Thankfully, makes everything that comes after seem that much better by comparison.

She does a decent job in parts, but much of the time she is shrill and whiny and you just want to smack her. The animation. While it was one of the last and probably best piece of work put out by the famous or infamous Rankin-Bass, the shortcuts and shoddy workmanship make many parts of the film mainly the many montages painful to watch.

These are also by America and are laughably bad. Maudlin lyrics featuring pained late s fantasy tropes abound. Inwhen Miyazaki and Isao Takahata formed Studio Ghibli, most of the major talent at Topcraft was brought on board. I've always been interested in checking out the original novel. If any of you have read it, how is it? Yeah, it's like that with a lot of things. And the cynicism and experience of adulthood means that no matter how you felt about those things all those years ago, it's going to be somewhat less satisfying than it was in retrospect.

But that kernel of emotion and familiarity is still there. I remember watching "The Hobbit" in my 3rd grade class as a Friday reward. Of course, that film The last unicorn boob tree "Return of the King" and Ralph Bakshi's terrible, half-finished "Lord of the Rings" took the greatest hit because of the vastly superior take on Middle Earth provided by Peter Jackson. But they still have their charms. Posted 02 April - PM wasnt john ritter in the last unicorn as a voice character? That was Alan Arkin. I didn't even want to see it.

When my parents told me we were going, I went and hid in the woods and The last unicorn boob tree took them hours to find me. Watched most of it through my fingers. Of course, I own it now. Canada or the UK or somewhere, as it was not available in the US. That probably cost me bucks at the time. Then I saw it on sale at Target within the last year for like 9 bucks. Pissed me off. It doesn't help that I had imported it for a girlfriend at the time, who ended up being a total bitch slut. I don't have a good association with it. I remember watching it with her and looking at the harpy's breasts.

Don't remember much else from the film other than it didn't really seem all that great, but I didn't have the nostalgia element.

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I guess I could go back and rewatch it someday. Posted 02 April - PM As Mr Unoriginal pointed out, unless you have a prior positive association with this film, I would never expect it to hold up to comparison to current tastes.

That's just the way it is with these things. Case in point: My wife was less than impressed.

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Cause hello, unicorns! Only parts I remember off the top of my head right now is when it was stuck in a cage and the ocean tides that were full of unicorns. I feel old.

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Posted 03 April - AM Sweet. The last unicorn boob tree saw this way back when and had no idea what it was called and thought it was pretty cool. Then I watched it again not to long ago and still thought it was cool. Moral is. That's all I remember of it. I've been trying to remember a movie I saw as a. At least, I think it was a movie. Maybe it was some sort of sugar induced delusion, but still All I can remember was that the bad guy was turning people into puzzle pieces and building a wall of some sort with them.

Anyone have any ideas? We'd watch it and laugh at the drunk skeleton. Laugh when they swore. Laugh at the breasts. It was good times. I also remember always being scared of the harpy scene as well as whenever the Red Bull was around.

I watched it by myself again a few years ago and actually enjoyed it quite a lot. Posted 03 April - AM I'd also put "Watership Down" in this category of super nostalgia inducing films, but I've seen that one several times in the intervening years, so watching it now doesn't have quite the same punch as seeing something you haven't seen since you were little. Watership down was so fucken violent I think your talking about "Flight of Dragons" which ritter plays the main character and is my vote for a walk down nostalgia lane, its one of my favorite animated movies even to this day, if only for James Earl Jones as the villian Posted 03 April - AM All this speak of nostalgia Posted 03 April - PM All this speak of nostalgia Higitus figitus, migitus mum, prestidigitonium!

One of my all-time favorites! Posted 03 April - PM I'd also put "Watership Down" in this category of super nostalgia inducing films, but The last unicorn boob tree seen that one several times in the intervening years, so watching it now doesn't have quite the same punch as seeing something you haven't seen since you were little. Posted 03 April - PM since alot of you seem to be hip to old odder cartoons heres one ive been trying to locate since i was a. Posted 03 April - PM yeah that raggedy ann movie was the shit. The thing is, I can't imagine kids' films this dark ever being released in today' day and age.

I mean, if the Moral Majority somehow managed to overlook the witchcraft in The Last Unicorn, they'd certainly be up in arms about the breasts and innuendos. I think we as a society have moved backwards in some ways. Posted 04 April - PM I had to watch this movie in Drama once because we were supposed to do a play on it ended up doing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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The last unicorn boob tree

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So I just watched "The Last Unicorn" for the first time in 20+ years [spoilers]