Tennis player thong

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Apr 9, I'v ealways wondered which is more widely a choice for female tennis players, and in most cases I think the tennis players use both. Anyone have a definite answer? We all know what Serena wears if anything, and my girl Sharapova stays with the panties, but someone shed some light on this topic of discussion. ed Mar 11, Justine wears panties, the panty lines show thru her tight skirts.

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Same with Maria although I think she has worn a thong a few times. ed Mar 18, Tzipora wears panties ed Mar 2, Thongs are great for eye-candy. Trying to figure why more female tennis players don't wear thongs. Higher ratings, and it would seem more comfortable to me? ed Feb 21, I doubt most of them wear thongs. Unless they like the feeling of material riding up their crack while they are trying to play :lol:.

ed Apr 2, My GOD what a ridiculous discussion!!!

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ed Feb 8, Chanda once had the map on her panties Thongs aren't that damn uncomfortable from what I hear! I believe they practice defense in depth. First a G-string as last line of defense, then a thong, then a lace panty, then body-shape short pants of light material.

After all that, you get the skirt or the sport shorts. Forget it, ball boys, no way to see or get thru. Them ball boys are lucky as hell. ed Jan 12, Serena wore a thong with the catsuit!!!

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SharapovaFan16 said:. VRules can you see thru a wall? Fascinating, what else do you see :devil:. With the outfits female tennis players wear now I'm sure you could figure it out. Skirts flying up I mean come on, and pictures taken by photographers can show the pantie line or not.

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Trust me it isn't that hard to figure out. Anyone else have some pics? ed Oct 10, the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. Tennis Forum. A forum community dedicated to Tennis players and enthusiasts. Come the discussion about players, gear, matches, scores, guidelines, and more! Explore Our Forums. Recommended Communities.

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Tennis player thong

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