Teagan presley interview

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We hope you heal quickly! Teagan Presley Thank you. It was very painful. I had a pec tear in my left breast, and it keeps forming scar tissue around my implant. I tore it shooting Penthouse. They removed my implant, fixed the tear, wrapped my implant in cadaver skin to prevent encapsulation, and injected fat from my butt into my breast to make it even better.

It hurts! Where do you see yourself ending up this year? What are some upcoming projects we can look forward to? Teagan and Eva Angelina. Next on our plate will be another Sun Goddess and another Deviance.

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Can you explain the premise of the site for our readers, and tell us how you came up with the idea? Basically, ABR is me and Eva reviewing adult movies on video, while we masturbate. I hear you were a gymnast and dancer when you were younger. I never was myself, but both my sisters were, so I know a bit about dance and gymnastics. What type of gymnastics did you do and what level of competition did you achieve?

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What kind of dance did you study? Did you find the intense physical training a good preparation for your later career? TP: I competed overseas in gymnastics and in ballet, and toured nationally -in ballet. It destroyed my knees, so it might have actually hurt me for my career in porn.

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In an interview with AIPnews. And, on Glam-Metal. It sounds like you may have some regrets about your career choice. Do you have plans to try anything different down the line, to break out of thee adult industry or change your role in it?

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Would you change your decision if you could go back in time? TP No. I am also going to direct for skinworXXX. They quote an interview with me, but I did not ever say that. You auctioned off your old implants for charity, which is awesome.

Do you think more adult stars should participate in charity events? What inspired you to do this?

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TP I do. There are millions of fans watching porn, and we [could] make a difference, or at least help, in all kinds of situations if we did more charity. Right now, Stephanie Swift has breast cancer and needs help badly. I love to help people. There seems to be a very strong public idea about porn performers being drug addicts.

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TP There are drugs in porn just like in mainstream. When people get too much money, they blow it on drugs sometimes, unfortunately. Plus some girls do drugs to cope with their decisions, which sucks. How do family and the adult industry work in your life?

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Are they compatible, or do you keep them separate? TP My family knows about my career and are as supportive as they can be. What do you think the future holds for porn as far as production value, plot, acting, etc, vs. TP I love a good feature, but personally I prefer watching all-sex movies in my personal life as I want to get right to the action!

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Teagan presley interview

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Teagan Presley Interview