Straight guys holding hands

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Support Scroll. Though masculinity is rigidly defined and homophobia rampant in the country, the practice is so common that it is rarely noticed.

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British fashion and celebrity photographer Vincent Dolmanhowever, found this gesture to be delightfully unconventional, and an interesting contrast to the West, where homophobia and cultural norms have made men of all ages uncomfortable with this kind of physical contact. On his return from a recent trip, he came across a photo he took of two men holding hands by the colonial-era Gateway of India in Mumbai.

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Charmed, Dolman decided to return to find more men hand-in-hand. In June, he was in Mumbai for a week, wandering around the city, photographing hundreds of men of all ages holding hands on the beach, by the Gateway, and in the streets.

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The result is a series of around 15 images that capture a unique quirk of Indian life — and masculinity. I found it really beautiful.

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Many of the men holding hands in public were quick to smile and laugh over being noticed by a photographer. Naturally, none thought there was anything remarkable about what they was doing. Eventually, Dolman wants to expand the project to include other parts of India, seeking out men holding hands in the Himalayas and beyond.

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All images by Vincent Dolman. This article first appeared on Quartz. Share your perspective on this article with a post on ScrollStack, and send it to your followers.

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Contribute Now. Vincent Dolman A surprising cultural norm prevails in India: Men here like to hold hands. Respond to this article with a post Share your perspective on this article with a post on ScrollStack, and send it to your followers.

Straight guys holding hands

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