South park getting gay

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The boys travel to Costa Rica as part of the "Getting Gay with Kids" choir tour campaigning to save the rainforest. They subsequently get lost. The boys misbehave in class and are forced as punishment to a touring musical group called Getting Gay With Kids.

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Led by the idealistic Miss Stevens, the group is dedicated to saving the rainforest. The kids travel via school bus to Costa Rica to perform for environmentalists against paving over the rainforest. They promptly get lost when their guide is killed, eaten and then excreted by a coral snake. They wander through the trackless green hell, encountering everything from giant insects to rebel guerrillas to actor Tony Danza.

They're finally captured by a tribe of natives called the Yanagapas. The tribe inexplicably dress Miss Stevens in a cheerleader outfit and then tie her between two posts to serve as a sacrifice to the Giant Yanagapa. Suddenly Cartman, whose constant feud with Miss Stevens made him wander off on his own, bursts from the underbrush along with a gang of American construction workers. They make short work of the Yanagapas and the rainforest's creatures by crushing them all with bulldozers.

You say "Save the rainforest" but what do you know? You've never been to the rainforest before. Getting Gay With Kids is here! To tell you things you might not like to hear.

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You only fight these causes 'cause caring sells. All you activists can go fuck yourselves!

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Craig Tucker makes his speaking debut since his first appearance in " Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo ". This episode explains why he frequently sits outside of Mr. Mackey's office. For this specific episode, we are introduced to the Getting Gay With Kids team. It includes the choir teacher Miss Stevens, Kenny's one-time girlfriend Kelly, and Jake who gets eaten by a plant. Additionally we meet several Costa Rican authorities and the Yanagapa tribe.

The choir group's Costa Rican guide is brutally killed then eaten by a coral snake. Jake, the student on the choir tour, is devoured by a giant Venus-Flytrap-like plant. Also, most of the native Yanagapa tribe is killed by bulldozers as they rescue Miss Stevens' class from capture. Two inspiring versions of the campy "Getting Gay With Kids" are performed by the activist group of the same name.

The episode is a criticism of the American environmentalist movement to save rainforests. The movement often uses ineffective means of activism and is supported by the ignorance of privileged Americans. Using Costa Rica as the setting is inspired by a nightmarish vacation Trey and his girlfriend took to Costa Rica.

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There he formed a strong dislike for rainforests, which also influenced the contrarian message of this episode. All of Cartman's comments about the rainforest mirror Trey's personal opinion. At the time this episode aired, he was on The Tony Danza Show. This episode stirred controversy in Costa Rica on February over the vulgar comments Cartman made about the living conditions of San Jose and Costa Rica, even though the episode debuted several years prior in the U. Many environmentalists have also condemned this episode, saying that it had inspired many people to feel apathetic about the movement to protect rainforests.

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South park getting gay

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