Smoking weed shotgun

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Can you really get high when someone shotguns you? Let's assume you don't actually hit the pipe, just take the shotguns.

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Yes it gets you high, both the inhaler and the shotgun-ee. If I roll a blunt just because im in the mood for one, I always do at least 1 self-shotgun. Dude, how does that work? Like, I know how to french inhale, but I'm not sure I could do both at the same time. Upvote for you for being able to do that. Interesting fact: originally, shotgunning meant actually using a shotgun. So if the toker doesn't actually inhale and instead blows into the mouth of the receiver, the toker is actually getting less of an effect than the receiver? As long as one doesnt inhale the smoke and he or she blows it into the mouth of another it sure will work!

Like, at outdoor concerts people smoke a lot but the people not smoking dont get high.

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But in closed tight spaces, yes smoke will accumulate and get you high Take a paper towel roller and blow into one end have the other person inhale from the other, boom! No smoke wasted.

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Found the internet! Shotgun highs, fact or myth?

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Posted by 9 years ago. What about main- or side-stream smoke? Sort by: best.

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Not as high, but twice as sexy. Continue this thread. Not only is it pro status skill but it is highly effective! Awesome vid btw! If you do it right, a lot of people do it wrong though. Thanks for all the info guys! Much much appreciated.

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Smoking weed shotgun

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Shotgun highs, fact or myth?