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Eleven women were arrested on charges ranging from simulating sexual activity to soliciting for prostitution. Last month, four women were arrested in response to complaints at Centerfold Lounge. The complaints that led to the investigations are rooted in allegations that some dancers at the clubs were engaged in prostitution, dancing too provocatively, or being in varying states of nudity while alcohol was being served in the establishments, all of which are illegal. None of the women, whose ages range from 18 to 40, indicated they were victims of human trafficking.

Though the laws are being enforced here in Jacksonville, a local lawyer said the laws for strip clubs are less strict in cities like Miami and Tampa. Attorney John Holzbaur said there are state laws, but Jacksonville has its own municipal ordinance, or law, in place.

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Police: Stings at Jacksonville strip clubs are 'nothing new' Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says investigations are based on vice squad intel. Published: June 4, pm.

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Tags: JacksonvilleNews. About the Author:. Jenese Harris year veteran journalist and Emmy Award winning anchor.

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