Sims 3 having sex

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Woohoo is what sims do in The Sims series instead of having sex. But what is it? You will regret asking that question. Rather than being less raunchy than sex, it is decidedly more gross.

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Here, listen to these two sims bark at each other:. The Sims 2 is what introduced woohoo to the world. From those games onward, sims would have the option to woohoo in their beds, and some other locations like elevators and hot tubs. The first time a pair of sims has woohoo in a game, this video plays. But what are they doing under the sheets? This cheat allows you to place objects anywhere, and also move sims during build and buy mode.

Woohoo was largely the same in The Sims 3 as in the game. Nevertheless, I wanted to put Cary and Kerry to the test again.

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The move objects cheat only kind of worked here. Lucky for me, if I turned on the move objects cheat, I could also delete the bed while they were woohooing. So I deleted the bed mid coitus, seeing just a brief flash of the terror beneath the sheets before Cary and Kerry disappeared into thin air. They returned to the visible world at the end of their woohoo, their bodies mashed together. Sims enjoy this? If I tried to grab them in build and buy mode, the bed would move with them. After the release of the Cats and Dogs expansion, The Sims 4 was updated to include a way to make objects tiny.

So, after small-ifying their bed, I let Cary and Kerry get to it. As you can see, Cary and Kerry are in fact laying perfectly still.

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The bed, however, is still animated. Woohoo seems horrible. The A. By Gita Jackson. Shop at Kinja Deals.

Sims 3 having sex

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The WooHoo Wish