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It's all subjective. Some people want subtlety, others prefer the mating al equivalent of an air horn - or a dinner bell. This is very subjective, if we're talking purely about looks here - trashy behaviour is another bucket of monkeys. I can only speak for myself here, but to me it's when there's just a bit too much sexual alling going on. Low cut top or a short skirt is sexy, but both can look trashy.

Smokey eyes or bold lips are sexy, but again both can be trashy. Not always, I don't do a mental checklist in my head, but in general, there's definitely a line where there's a bit too much effort being made to look fuckable and it becomes trashy. The irony of course is that most of the time they're probably not even trying to look fuckable to men, they're competing with their friends or Sexy trashy women just how they feel comfortable dressing.

I guess there's an element of "less is more" going on here, but there's definitely also point where restrained sexiness becomes plainness. EDIT: All this goes out of the window in the bedroom. By all means, my SO can sexualise that crap out of herself as much as she likes and it will do nothing but delight me.

Context of appearance is important too.

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Sexy at a bar can be trashy at a wedding, for example. That edit makes me think there might be a more general way of putting it: "trashy" is being so sexual that she makes you feel like she's trying to draw the attention of all the guys around, not just you. If you're alone, no matter how slutty either of you are, you're not gonna be drawing anyone else's attention. I suppose there's the "gross" definition of trashy, like eating messy food in bed or something, but that's not what I think we're talking about.

I'm a woman, and I agree with you. Bold hair and lip? Easy, soft eye makeup. Colorful outfit? More natural lip, bolder eye. Mini skirt, low cut top, and stilettos with big hair and maximum make-up looks trashy. Mini skirt and stilettos, Sexy trashy women classy top, nude lip and bold eye -- pick a couple things, then tone down the others.

Sexy is usually best when combined with taste and class. Unless you just want to get laid, I guess, but who would actually be worth bothering with, and less likely to give you blazing genital herpes?

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So it's about whether managing to sleep with her would feel like an accomplishment? Depends, your SO can't really do anything trashy in the bedroom unless she blows another guy in front of you. Then again some people might find Sexy trashy women sexy, you cucks. If a girl is trying to be 'sexy' to multiple people at a party it starts to turn into trashy.

For example grinding on multiple guys at a rave, and going around getting free drinks from thirsty men. I have a policy of not buying drinks for a woman unless we are on a date and even then we take turns paying for rounds. I dont get the idea of paying a woman to talk to me. Found the internet! When does sexy becomes trashy?

Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. I'm all about that dinner bell brah. Continue this thread. I think OP knows that, and is asking everyone's opinons. Really well said. Earl Grey innit mate. Can you go into detail as to what that means?

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Sexy trashy women

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