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Adult mods compatible with TTW 3. Please read the rules before you post.

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Post Reply. Re: Adult mods compatible with TTW 3.

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No seams. You want the male entries from Breeze and the female entries from Type 4. The conflict is because Fallout uses the same race for male and female, so Breeze has male edits, and vanilla female, while Type 4 is the opposite. Another adult mod you can add to the list is SexoutBang, but be sure to use the esp from the end of the thread rather than the one from the opening post.

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The one from the end of the thread was rewritten for the current sexout, while the "official" esp is for the old version. The main problem you see with the older version is that many times, instead of triggering a sex scenes between two characters, it only triggers the player to masturbate. The one from the end of the thread fixes that issue. Are there any mods for animations compatible with TTW?

Those black screens are irritating, lol. Most of the ones I've found on Nexus are either unfinished or broken.

Sexlab new vegas

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