Sexiest death scenes

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But how about the thankless job of being among the first to go under the knife — or machete, chainsaw, shotgun, etc.?

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Her death is usually a showy one, but then you never see her again. And, duh … spoilers ahead! Paris HiltonHouse of Wax Warner Bros.

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So when she made her big movie debut in the House of Wax remake and was impaled once again, audiences applauded. When he sees sexy Shannon soaking in a hot tub, the chill-killer is infuriated. Salma plays a snake-slathered stripper named Santanico Pandemonium.

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His buddy comes to the rescue too lateblowing the sexy sucker away with a bullet blast to the face. I always thought the mythical creature the horned horse, not the soused sister was associated with virginity, but director Bob Clark really goes deep with this death scene. Paging Dr. Try not to wince as you watch the phallic trinket plunge into her again and again … and again. Buck-naked save for a pair of sky-high wedges, she fights for her life in a cheap no-tell motel giving her all — and us — quite a show!

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Before she was a Bond babe, and before she married Ringo Starrbodacious Barbara was usually while in the buff getting her come-uppance in gory Italian thrillers with nonsensical names like Short Night of the Glass Dolls. Patrick Bateman, serial killer at your service. The movie starts off with Drew as a babysitter who gets a mysterious crank call. Suddenly, Ghostface sidles up beside her, a chase ensues, and Drew is slew. A woman in her bedroom alone.

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A chrome-skulled killer standing just outside. The door is jammed.

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Talk about a bummer of a birthday. When Audrina ed Theta Pi, little did she know that her sacred vows of sisterhood included painful, violent death! When an innocent prank goes horribly awry, the Hills homegirl takes a tire iron to the chest, leaving her to munch on oversized teriyaki burgers in hottie heaven. - to use the wp menu builder - to use the wp menu builder.

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Sexiest death scenes

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