Sex with a capricorn man

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Looking for the secrets of you or your partner's horoscope or zodiac ? Well, you're in luck, because we are going to hand you some of the tricks to being with a Capricorn. There's no doubt that Capricorns are seriously misunderstood! We're career-oriented, meticulous, honest sometimes brutallyand don't have time for your garbage. But once you get us into bed Contrary to our no-nonsense exterior, we tend to let go in the bedroom and drop our cutthroat determination.

And while earth s might be considered the most boring s of the zodiac, if you're lucky enough to have hot sex with a capricorn the pleasure is all yours. If you have a Capricorn man or woman in mind that you'd like to take to bed, here are 13 brutal truths you must know:.

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We may look serious, but we aren't afraid to take sex to a whole other level. You'd never expect this since we're so well composed on our exterior. We've planned out every second of this sexual rendezvous in our he. As creatures of habit, we like it when things to go our way So please, throw us off guard! We're always looking for new sex tips to make things even hotter!

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We may seem uninterested in ripping your clothes off, but we're just being cautious. For the love of God, don't do it. Being told to hurry up is such a huge turn-off for Capricorns. Be patient. We will rock your world. This is especially true if we're having sex with someone we love. We like our ificant others to be romantic, but skip the candles, the rose petals, and the sensual body oil, and get down to business.

We only sleep with the right kind of person and we're pretty picky about who it is. If you have common sense and can put a complete sentence together, you greatly improve your chances of Capricorn sex because we don't just sleep with anyoneyou know. We want to be in charge because we bring our work ethic into the bedroom sometimes.

Yes, you can be on top, but you WILL succumb to complete domination. Capricorns aren't afraid to speak up about what we do or don't like. I like it much better there. OK, so we aren't sex-fiends like Scorpiosbut we need that happy ending or our libidos might explode. Our perfectionism is to blame for that one, but we will always make sure sex ends with that 'O'.

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