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Sex humor is normally some of the easiest comedy to do. But to be considered the best, one must be smart with it. Big Mouth is a fine example of this, as it tackles the things that sex education is afraid to while being super raunchy. O Maidens in Your Savage Season is another terrific one, balancing jokes about puberty with lo of relatability. Rounding up the student council are secretary Aria Satomi Sato and the height-challenged treasurer Suzu Sayuri Yahagi.

Seitokai Yakuindomo takes a more slice-of-life approach with its storytelling, as it tackles daily school life on and off-campus. There are budget meetings, annual events, school trips, and study buddy sessions. The difference between other slice-of-life and what this series has to offer is the kind of humor it delivers: the most rapid fire naughty humor imaginable, the kind that would make even comedian Jimmy Carr blush with embarrassment. And wow, does this anime know how to push the envelope. Someone says a normal thing, one of them sprinkles in an anatomy or moist-y joke, and either Tsuda or Suzu make a jab at the perv in the group.

On paper, it sounds like it would get old fast. Fortunately, Seitokai Yakuindomo is the Olympics of sex humor, with every joke and gag tossed about like a gold medal-winning acrobatic. Seitokai yakuindomo uncensored are also a plethora of running gags throughout Seitokai Yakuindomo as well, with the best involving poor Suzu. Due to her height, she appears to be an Seitokai yakuindomo uncensored school student. This in a huge amount of misunderstandings that end with Suzu becoming more self-conscious and frustrated with her disadvantage.

Judo club member Mutsumi Chiaki Omigawa is the definition of pure, with the sex jokes going over her head and resulting in her responding in various innocent manners. Humor-wise, the anime is very funny. The wordplay and vulgarity reach new heights in Season 2 compared to the first, with the comedy being piled up like the most competitive game of Jenga imaginable. However, what baffles me is how visual gags involving lewd hand gestures and sex toys went uncensored in the first season, but gets pixelated out in the second one.

Even more confusing are how these edits are still censored on the Blu-Ray! Did this anime miss that memo? But not everything works humor-wise. There are some suggestive jokes from the advisor that may push the wrong buttons for certain people, although it never reaches uncomfortable levels of cringe. Dare I say, I felt kind of gross hearing these poor attempts at American sex jokes.

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Instead of making such censorship feel funny, it comes off kind of groan-inducing. Composer Yuya Mori goes the extra mile for the soundtrack, delivering melodies that sound like a big Broadway is about to be performed. As for its animation, GoHands does a good job with the more jokey visuals and silly antics.

The characters look cute, and the backgrounds are especially well-detailed. However, during the second season, the studio decided to try to test the 3D animation waters with some of its backgrounds and character movements. Despite Seitokai yakuindomo uncensored being labeled as a Complete Collection, there are still some episodes missing from this set. However, both the anime and film make references to these other episodes, even urging viewers to watch them, thereby being something of a slap in the face to viewers on this side of the Pacific. Those who are looking to get their funny bone r s teased and tickled are very much welcome to pull up a chair and sit with the dirtiest student council crew anime has ever had the pleasure of giving us.

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Seitokai yakuindomo uncensored

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