Scare video prank pop up

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A horror TikTok is going viral on Twitter months after it was originally posted on TikTok for its terrifying ending, which is sure to make you jump out of your seat even if you're prepared for it. In the TikTok, a man turns the lights on and off in a hallway, and each time the lights go dim, a vague figure approaches the door.

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The third time he turns the lights off, a screaming sound blows out the audio of the TikTok and the figure rushes towards the camera. To date, it's amassed overlikes and approximately Twitter user BenjaminBell reposted the video onto Twitter with the caption " in one tik tok" on October 21, where it's racked up approximately 4. Clocking in at just 15 seconds long, the clip — particularly for anyone who isn't too keen on jump scares — is genuinely terrifying, and it's provoked some strong reactions on Twitter.

Other tweets cautioned against watching the video at all.

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Do NOT click on this," author Brandynn Teighlor blgtylr tweeted, later joking about how everyone had clicked on the video despite the warning. And even though plenty of people were terrified, they quote retweeted the video in one of the governing principles of social media: if I had to see this, then you do too.

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While brief, the video is genuinely terrifying — particularly if you're not a big fan of jump scares. It's now going viral on Twitter after user BenjaminBell reposted it on October Visit Insider's home for more stories.

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Scare video prank pop up

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