Sasuke and sakura travel together

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Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha are one of the main couples in the Naruto universe. However, in the manga for Narutofor both Part I and Part II, there are several moments that were conveyed extremely different compared to the anime. For starters, in the manga it actually is hinted at the entire time that Sasuke might have feelings for Sakura throughout the story. The anime shifts moments between them or changes facial expressions making their dynamic always seem one-sided, but in the manga, these differences tell a whole other story. Tumblr user, momo-kanjakiput together a great list of all of the moments from the manga that led them to one another.

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During the beginning of the series, Sasuke was all talk and no bite. He often froze up in fear when facing enemies with truly great power that he knew exceeded his own. One of the times this happened was during their fight in the Forest of Death against Orochimaru. Many fans seem to think Naruto is the one who snapped Sasuke out of his frozen state by quoting his own words, calling Sasuke a chicken. But it was actually Sakura who got him into action. She yelled at him, saying that "Naruto wasn't a coward ," implying that Sasuke was.

These words got Sasuke right into the action and made him activate his Sharingan. Sasuke blushes way more often in the manga than he does in the anime, from the very beginning. For example, when team seven is first introducing themselves to Kakashi, Sasuke is blushing like crazy as Sakura says there's a boy she likes, while in the anime he just stares forward.

Another example is during the tree-climbing exercise Kakashi does to show his student chakra control, Sasuke does acknowledge how great Sakura is at it and blushes when he asks Naruto for Sakura's advice as he was too embarrassed to ask him herself.

In the anime, however, he just says "whatever" and looks annoyed. In part I of the manga, while still being a team with one another, Sasuke and Sakura can be seen together in a of panels. In the anime, this isn't often seen. Either one or both of them will be off-screen or not next to one another. But in the early days of the manga, it was shown how often they gravitated to each other. In the anime, Sasuke can be seen pushing her off of him a few times or snatching himself away, but in the manga, they often lean on one Sasuke and sakura travel together and generally being way closer to one another.

After years of heartache, Sasuke and Sakura finally reunite to fight together in the Fourth Shinobi War and then fight against Kaguya. Sasuke gets sent to another dimension, and Sakura uses the rest of her chakra to open a portal. Sakura thinks she failed and begins to fall back from all the energy she had used and the acid wound she had just taken on when Sasuke appears behind her and catches her, with his arm around her.

The manga makes this scene a lot more intense than in the anime, though they share the same shots, he looks genuinely concerned. Sasuke knows Sakura is smartand in Part II he acknowledges just how strong she is as well. During Part I, Sasuke notices how quiet Sakura became after a negative comment Sasuke made to her earlier and realizes his words affected her greatly. He then encourages her, noting her strengths and intelligence as he winks at her, giving her the confidence she needed. In the manga, there is a panel after this in which Sasuke smiles to himself, happy with Sakura's confidence.

During the first few episode, Kakashi takes the newly formed Team Seven out to complete a challenge. The team all split up and try to find their own way of doing things, and in the mix, Sakura ends up getting placed under a genjutsu while Sasuke gets dug into the Sasuke and sakura travel together. Eventually, they meet up with one another, and Sakura leaps onto Sasuke, hugging him and is genuinely very happy he is alive, unlike the illusion she saw.

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In the anime, Sasuke immediately tries to push Sakura off, but in the manga he actually doesn't move, lets her hug him, and then tells her after a moment to let go, saying "Yeah You can let go now! Throughout the manga, Sasuke gets jealous when he cannot be the one to save Sakura. The show frames it like Sasuke is more upset at himself for not being strong enough, but the manga shows that it is always related to not being Sakura's savior.

In the first major arc in the manga, Sakura jumps in front of Tazuno to protect him from the incoming Mist ninja. Sasuke sees this and bravely jumps in front of her to save her only for both of them to be saved by Kakashi. In the anime, Sasuke makes a face and mumbles something along the lines of "show off," while in the manga he says "hmph, he just had to butt in. The way Sasuke looks makes him seem super jealous.

Throughout the manga, Sasuke isn't as wary of physical contact, if and only if, that contact is coming from Sakura. It is also pointed out that whenever another girl gets close to him—like Ino or Karin—he pushes them away or tells them to get off of him.

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When Sasuke first gets the curse mark during the Chunin Examshe grabs onto Sakura's hands, squeezing to reduce the pain, and is comforted when she hugs him before he knocks out. Sasuke makes a lot of expressions during Part II that aren't replicated in the anime very well.

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One of these times is when Sasuke is at his darkest and knows that Sakura is up to something when she comes to see him. He attacks her, knowing that she is moments away from doing the same, with a look on his face that wasn't properly replicated in the anime.

In the show, it looked like Sasuke had no qualms about killing herwhile in the manga his expression was pained like he hated to do it, but had to in order to defend himself and see his goal all the way through. Later, he also smirks widely in the manga after seeing Sakura use her full strength, acknowledging how strong she has become. During part two of NarutoTeam Seven often gets reunited, and it usually is an extremely painful experience for all members.

But something to note is that each time this happens, Sasuke acknowledges Sakura before he acknowledges anyone else. When Sakura and company first see Sasuke again after three years, he calls out her name and acknowledges that he is seeing her again. During the Great Ninja War arc, when Sasuke first appears to everyone, he first looks back at Sakura and says her name, even ignoring Naruto as he was speaking to him. She is a writer and podcaster and has been published in the Spring and the Summer editions of the Sartorial Geek Quarterly Magazine. By Juliana Failde Published Jan 19, Share Share Tweet 0.

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Sasuke and sakura travel together

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