Russian flower tattoo

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Between andduring his career as a prison guard, Danzig Baldaev made over 3, drawings of tattoos. They were his gateway into a secret world in which he acted as ethnographer, recording the rituals of a closed society. The icons and tribal languages he documented are artful, distasteful, sexually explicit and provocative, reflecting as they do the lives, status and traditions of the convicts that wore them.

Baldaev made comprehensive notes about each tattoo, which he then carefully reproduced in his tiny St. Petersburg flat. Caricature of the Communist Party. The tattoo of an otritsala a convict who refuses to submit to any kind of authoritywho was frustrated with the length of his sentence nine years. He was caught stealing food and gasoline from a kolkhoz collective farm warehouse.

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Corrective Prison Camp No. An anti-social tattoo, a caricature of the ideologists and leaders of the Communist Party — Marx, Lenin and Stalin. The bearer was a persistent violator of prison regulations who refused to work. Common in the s and s. The tattoo was made in a Arkhangelsk Region corrective labour colony in Top centre: An anti-Semitic tattoo worn by a woman convicted for stealing food from a depot.

She had cohabited with a Jew who was the head of the food depot where she worked. When she had by him, the Jew stopped seeing her and took up with a different lover — a young Russian girl. Bottom right: This image of the Devil and a woman can either mean that a woman pushed the bearer to commit a crime, or that both the Devil and woman are hatched from the same egg.

Work lasted for twenty months between andcosting the lives of overpolitical and criminal prisoners. The elderly man who had this tattoo was found frozen to death on the bank of the Vvedensky Canal near Vitebsk Station. The autopsy was carried out by students at the Military Medical Academy. An artistic tattoo from a former convict who worked on the White Sea — Baltic Canal — a cup in the form of a star, a hammer and sickle, shackles, carnations the flower of the revolution and barbed Russian flower tattoo.

He was unconscious and had a serious head wound. The skeleton holds the Order of the October Revolution. Others maintain that erotic shaming tattoos only ever consist of one subject: a woman entwined with a serpent, which is forcibly tattooed on the back of the victim.

Forcibly applied to a prisoner who lost at cards in the strict regime CLC No. Tattoo popular among both men and women. An artistic tattoo worn by both sexes. This tattoo was copied from a prisoner sentenced under Articles and of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR of for hooliganism and causing severe injuries.

The prisoner named Stepan, assaulted a car mechanic who had asked him for a bribe for a new truck. Full of indignation, Stepan said that life was unbearable because of communists. His grandparents were dekulakised. Inhis father was arrested for praising Studebaker, Dodge, Chevrolet, Ford, and other American vehicles.

His father was shot in a prison camp in Norilsk. His mother was left with three young children, they lived in poverty. Left shoulder blade. She was detained along with other homeless people in a railroad depot. Art [icle] The date denotes the day the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic was founded. October is still ahead! October is still ahead. I was jailed on Middle centre: Pre-Trial Prison No. The bearer, a convict named Katya, was sentenced in the s for severely beating her mother-in-law. Bottom right: In memory of parents who died behind bars either in a prison or gulag. A sentimental tattoo.

It stands for: ' Mother - sleep and wait for me! Common in Russian flower tattoo late s and early s in the corrective labour colonies of Eastern Siberia. The tattoo of a female legitimate thief who had served six sentences from the of crosses. She had spent a total of thirty-two years in confinement. A rare specimen of a tattoo with a portrait. The wearer of this tattoo was killed in an attack on a militiaman policeman. The attacker, I. Tikhonov, had several convictions for theft. He failed to react to a warning shot from militiaman Stepanov of the Moscow District Militia, and in the ensuing struggle he attacked Stepanov with a knife.

There are no ro to reach you, people have only one happiness, only I did not take care of it The woman, the black panther and the skulls are symbols of devotion, fearlessness and cruelty. The dates refer to time spent in the Omsk Corrective Labour Colony. The owner of the tattoo was convicted for taking down a propaganda poster in the Babushkin Gardens in Nevsky area, Leningrad. His grandparents had been dispossessed during the collectivization of the Pskov region and sent to Kazakhstan where his mother was born. Corrective Labour Colony No. An old thieves' tattoo of the s and s specifying the place of imprisonment - Kitoy station, near Irkutsk.

Their initials are either side of the manacles. The bearer was transferred to the adult corrective prison camp from a juvenile institution. These tattoos, found on various parts of the body, often looked like epaulets. They were popular in male corrective labour camps of Leningrad and the Leningrad Region in the s and s. Various cat tattoos. The cat is one of the oldest symbols of criminal world. At the same time they represent the expectations of their victims. The abbreviation KOT tomcatwhich is found in tattoos, is the language of thieves, it means: Korennoy Obitatel Tyurmy Native prison inhabitant.

Bottom left: The symbols on the hat worn by the cat ify the bearer of the Russian flower tattoo is otritsaly — a thief who refuses to submit to, and is a malicious infringer of the prison rules. I have always grasped and still grasp my glass with firm and steady hands!

White was descended from the Orenburg Cossacks. He had served a total of thirty-two years in prison for large scale thefts of state and personal property. He fanatically hated the CPSU. His grandfather fought against the party and was killed in the Civil war.

He had served time in Perm, Solikamsk, Sverdlovsk and Vorkuta. She later became afraid of her involvement, and together with her mother and sister betrayed him to the militia. Dig deeper, swing more often! Ozerla g [Ozerny Labour Camp] In the USSR labour is a matter of honour, prowess and glory! The wearer evidently passed through five corrective labour colonies from to The tattoo was made ina year before he was released.

The wearer dreams of committing a bold, large-scale theft allowing him to give up his life of crime. The tulip and the rose symbolise that the 16th and 18th anniversary have been spent in places of imprisonment. The of barbs on the wire indicates the total term of the sentence in this case 8 years. The owner of the tattoo had been convicted for hooliganism twice. Kill their lordships the Communists! Damn you, Kolyma! CPSU You are walking the right path, comrades!

Save and Protect! Different parts of the body. Chest, abdomen. Novodvorskaya Servants and slaves rise from your knees! Eight dry hunger strikes in one year! Iron Lera. Hammer and sickle — death and famine! Slave of Marxist-Leninist bullshit and deceit. Misha stop talking through your Russian flower tattoo. Give convicts more rations and cut their sentences.

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Hip, thigh, buttock. All the Kremlin mafia and their party cronies should be forced to go down to construction site 'The Dead Road' Salekhard — Igarka port. Chest, hip, back.

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Chest, hip, thigh. Leader of a group of expropriators. Text to the right of the hand, from the top: According to old western heraldry suits of cards had the following meanings: Clubs — sword. Spades — spear. Hearts — shield. Diamonds — public symbol.

Russian flower tattoo

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