Ranmaru kekkei genkai

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Our button. Ranmaru's Clan. Neru Mizukage. Like Dislike. Poncho Kumo Chunin.

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Posts : Ninja Info Chakra Pool : Neru wrote: Bloodline Ability: When activated, causes the eyes to glow red in colour. It has the ability to see and hear things from long distances. Although the range of his kekkei genkai is similar to the range of the Byakugan, it actually has the ability to counter and negate that trait. The doujutsu allows the user to perform irresistible genjutsu, which can fool even the "all-seeing" Byakugan. The dojutsu also lets the user locate and track Ranmaru kekkei genkai by sensing chakra, picking up chakra from long distances, and noticing changes in an individual's chakra.

It is also able to sense how many individuals are present. The Kekkei Genkai heightens vision has heightened perception and analytic powers, similar to those of the Sharingan, meaning the user can comprehend any details he sees. Thus, reading thoughts is quite easy. The dojutsu can also see one's life force, which the user can use to predict the opponent's next move or tell if someone was alive. In addition the Kekkei Genkai lets the user be able to transfer part of his own life force to completely heal someone who is mostly dead.

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Alright, I "think" i fixed everything on the clan. This is actually pretty hard Kid Koopa Kumo Genin.

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Revoked and denied, sue to member complaints about balancing issues and being too overpowered to logically exist in the Narutoverse. All members of this clan are allowed to another clan if they wish, no edits need to be done to character apps.

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If you choose to not a clan feel free to claim a CS point on your update sheets. Regardless of the choice, you are granted 1, Ryo for your troubles and may refund any jutsu relevant to this clan for their full cost. Effective immediately. User is no longer active so this is now Archived.

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Ranmaru kekkei genkai

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