Pubic hair decorations

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Makers of razors and shaving creams know that and so a lot of products have been developed to keep your lady parts nice and clean. Now intrigued? Well, we at SAHM, are too! So we scoured the internet for some of the latest products and accessories for your pubes. Trimming your lady parts is never this easy and precise. Using a bikini styler shaver will save the day and will give you an extra boost of confidence.

If you opt to remove your hair by sugaring rather than shaving, this is what you need. Unlike waxing, sugaring is not hot so you reduce your chances of getting burned. You just roll the sugar over the skin to remove the hair. Going to the beach in your bikini means exposing your whole body to the sun.

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So to protect the skin and hair in your bikini area, this bikini balm is a must-have. It has coconut oil and other essential oils to soothe hair follicles to minimise ingrowns and clear pores. Now if you decide to keep your pubic hair, this oil will keep it soft and lightweight. It has a unique blend of oils such as grapeseed, tea tree and jojoba to moisturise and clear your pores for fewer ingrowns.

Another product to consider for Pubic hair decorations full bush is this bush oil, packed with essential and natural oils that will keep your pubic hair nice and soft. It will make it smell fresher too. Care for some anal bleaching? This cream will help you lighten any spot on your skin that is darker so that it will match its surrounding skin colour.

This pubic hair decoration is what you need to spice up your sex life. Excite your partner with this soft and nice to touch merkin that does not irritate and is safe for the skin.

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It also has rhinestones for a more exciting night. Yes you read that right. Surprise your partner with its range of natural colours, but you can get wild if you want with its different rainbow colours. Available from Fishpond. This bikini shaving stencill comes in three shapes — triangle, linear, and heart.

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Pubic hair decorations

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10 Handy Products And Bizarre Accessories for Your Pubes