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Jaster Mereel came out of the dream roaring with rage. The alien woman who had shared his bed that night was long gone; just as well, else she might have ended with a knife across her throat. It took him a moment to realize that he was awake, and alone. Finding himself in a battle-crouch, he laid aside the vibraknife and sat cross-legged on the floor, willing his heart into resuming a normal beat.

Ever since he had fled Cloud City with the carbonite-encased body of Han Solo; the nightmare had been his companion. Darth Vader had changed Princess leia jabba the hutt fanfiction "deal" at the last minute, wanting not only Leia and Chewbacca as hostages to lure Skywalker to him, but the frozen Solo as well. Jaster suspected the bounty he'd been promised that if Solo didn't survive the carbon-freezing chamber, he wouldn't have materialized, and he would have been lucky to escape with his life.

Vader had apparently been annoyed enough at the loss of one of his prizes to send a recurring dream Jaster's way: a dream of unending darkness, suffocating danger and overwhelming anger. The Dark Lord of the Sith had power enough to make sure that Jaster Mereel known to most as Boba Fett suffered until the end of his life Sleeping chambers in Jabba the Hutt's Palace were sound-proofed; the screams and cries heard clearly within those chambers left no impressions on sensitive beings who roamed the corridors.

There were, however, hidden cameras mounted in the walls of each room: Jabba, upon occasion, was quite the voyeur. Boba Fett's first act on arrival, after he had presented Jabba with Captain Solo's cold body and seen it mounted on a throne room wall, was to find the cameras installed in his quarters and disassemble them. He carried the pieces back to Jabba's audience chamber, standing in front of the Hutt but well away from the drop door leading to the Rancorand dropped the pieces one by one, deliberately smashing each of them beyond repair.

Jabba's only response was to nod coldly and immediately return to his snacking. Fett strode out of the room, hearing Bib Fortuna, Jabba's right-hand man, assure his master the cameras would be replaced as soon as possible. Jabba's reply was something on the order of "don't bother;" knowing that Fett would only repeat his performance until the cameras were gone for good. Thus, Jaster Mereel could sleep safely in his own quarters, in his own person. For the time being. Ara Lars, only child of Owen and Beru Lars, was cursing the fool who had packed up her supplies three times over.

In every language she could think of. With great feeling. The idiot had thrown the supply cases into her speeder in such a haphazard way that when she'd gotten back to her late parent's moisture farm, she'd found some of the more fragile items crushed. If she'd been paying more attention to him, and less worrying about the current rash of kidnappings by the local slaver gang, she would have noticed how he'd been so careless.

Come to think of it, he seemed awfully nervous. She had been at Tosche Station, looking for Luke, when the Stormtroopers had trashed the farm and killed her parents. The dust around their home had been churned up, but she was able to find the boot marks that were Luke's. Jumping back into her speeder, she'd tried to follow his trail, finding the still-smoking mess of the Jawa land transport. News was slow in getting to Tatooine, but she heard of his exploits: the rescue of Princess Leia Organa, the destruction of the Death Star; the flight from the Empire's retribution.

She had become the leader of a small group of rebels, who were currently engaged in guerilla warfare tactics against Jabba the Hutt and his minions. The moisture farm had become home to a dozen hard-edged men and women, experts in weaponry and hand-to-hand fighting. The original house had been expanded, with hidden rooms, which could be used as sanctuary from their enemies. Ara was proud of what Luke had accomplished; that he was apparently training to be a Jedi knight although that was still just a rumour merely confirmed what she had always known: that he would never have been the farmer her father wanted him to be.

She wondered what he would make of her contribution to the Rebellion. Though she respected his wish to get off-planet, Tatooine was her home. She felt that the Rebellion could be fought in more arenas than space, and against other enemies than Darth Vader. And she had a little secret, did Ara.

While she would never be Jedi, she was able to call on small powers of the Force. When she was younger, after calming a bad dream of Luke's, her father had fearfully called on Ben Kenobi, asking him to come test Ara. Ben had assured Owen that Princess leia jabba the hutt fanfiction had no true Jedi abilities, but had taken her aside just before he left and asked her to come see him Ara had snuck out during the night, making her way across the Dune Sea to Ben's home.

What he told her astonished her: that while she would not be able to become Jedi, she had some of the smaller mind magics that went with the territory. Ben trained her to be able to calm fear, make herself "invisible", and extend those gifts to others.

She could hide her thoughts from others, get them to pass her by if she didn't want to be noticed, and drive away people or things that wanted to harm her or her band of rebels. She was about to find out how powerful her Gifts were. The taste of dirty cloth filled Ara's mouth. Her head ached from the blow, delivered from behind with no warning, as she'd been trying to pry the last of her supply boxes from the speeder.

So the fool had a reason to be nervousshe thought groggily, probably hoping he wouldn't catch hell for working with the kidnappers. She couldn't think clearly; not yet. But she could play possum while she tried to figure out just how much trouble she was in. If this was the bunch that had been capturing women to serve as slaves, she could be heading anywhere from Jabba's Palace to an interstellar harem. Either way, things looked lousy. A sudden breeze brought a stench to her nose that reeked of Gamorrean.

Two of the porcine creatures were hauling her body from the back of a stolen prison skiff. They roughly twisted her arms behind her back as she started to struggle, shoving her to the ground. Sand, and a harder substance beneath, scraped her face.

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One of them reached down and tore the rag that had been serving as her blindfold from her eyes, the harsh desert light effectively blinding her. They dragged her, kicking and cursing, to a large metal door. From the brief look she'd been able to get, she knew she was at Jabba's gate. That knowledge only made her fight her captors harder, resulting in a blow to her temple.

Not enough to black her out, it just stunned her. The Gamorreans pulled her inside, the heavy door clanging shut behind them. Jabba's place had a new slave. Boba Fett left the unfortunates ordered to guard the krayt dragon he'd captured to their duties. Jabba had put him on retainer as soon as he'd received Solo's body, and had set him several tasks to occupy his time.

Fett privately thought that the Hutt was afraid of retaliation by the Alliance for taking Han, but was wise enough never to voice that opinion aloud. Seizing a krayt dragon, to fight against Jabba's pet rancor, had been the latest of such tasks, and Boba Fett was getting fed up with complying with Jabba's whims. Heading for the throne room, he examined the scores in his armour from the dragon's claws. Nothing that couldn't be repaired.

His right leg ached from the blow he'd taken from the beast's horns, when it had suddenly lowered it's head and charged him, but he forced himself to walk normally into the audience chamber. It wouldn't do for any to think him vulnerable. Moments after Boba Fett announced his success to Jabba's delighted ears, the two Gamorrean guards who were acting as procurers for their master's gross passions hauled Ara into sight.

And she was a sight: clothing torn and dirty, hair in disarray, and blood on one arm. Not hers; one of the pigs was stupid enough to let her get near his pike, and she'd taken a swipe at him with it before they both knocked her out again. She was hanging limp in their grip, dazedly beginning to raise her head. Blinking, she looked up She saw his grotesque tongue running over Princess leia jabba the hutt fanfiction lips, and tried not to gag on the bile rising in her throat.

Her captors stood her upright, keeping a tight grip on her arms and presented her to their master. Jabba the Hutt yawned hugely, his mind more on the coming battle between his rancor and the krayt dragon than on the filthy creature his guards were showing him. The thing stank, and he thought there might be more sand and dirt on it than on the desert floor. He was contemplating putting it out of its misery, when he glanced at Boba Fett.

Smiling cruelly, he told Fett that he could have the woman, if that's what Princess leia jabba the hutt fanfiction creature was, as part of his reward for bringing in the dragon. It was a calculated insult on Jabba's part, as he believed this Jabba would never get a chance to find out how wrong he'd been. Seething with hidden anger, Jaster Mereel grabbed the woman by one arm and began dragging her from the throne room. As she began to struggle, he put his free hand in her hair and jerked her head back towards Jabba's audience chamber.

It's me Once she relaxed a little in his hold, he let go her hair, and pulled her along the corridor, towards his quarters. After the heat of the desert and the fight against the Gamorreans, Ara found the dark corridors soothing. Having avoided being given to Jabba, she wondered if the one she was with now was a worse fate. Ara had hear tales of Boba Fett for years; rumours abounded, including one that there was something completely alien under all that armour, instead of a human being.

As he entered the code that would let them into his room, she noticed he was favouring his right leg. That might be a small advantage over him, but even if she was able to break free, she didn't know the palace well enough to find an escape route.

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Which meant she'd have to go back through the throne room, fight everyone else off, and steal a vehicle to help herself escape. This day's just getting better and bettershe thought sourly. Jaster pushed the woman ahead of him, into his rooms. She stumbled against the table he ate at, straightening up with a semblance of dignity.

As she turned to face him, he pulled a short robe from a floor chest. Tossing the robe at her, he turned her towards the bathing chamber, giving her a little shove. She looked over her shoulder at him, and he pointed past her, saying: "Go She was able to walk into the chamber by herself, and he heard the sounds of clothing dropping to the floor and a soft splash as she lowered herself into the soaking tub. Ara took her time in the bath, assessing her situation. My life depends on his good graces, she acknowledged.

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Until or unless I can learn more about this place, and make good an escape, I have to hope he won't turn me over to Jabba. The one brush I got of the Hutt's mind I know I won't be able to affect it. If Boba Fett is human, I might be able to get to him.

Meantime, this woman knows how to use her body, if need be. Small clicking and clanking sounds drew her attention outwards, and she listened intently to the noises from the other room. She realized he was removing his armour, and became curious as to what he really was.

Soundlessly slipping from the bath, she quickly dried off and wrapped the robe about her. She gathered up the clothes she had shed, and put them in a heap in the corner of the bathing chamber. Drawing a deep breath, she went to stand in the doorway.

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Jaster's back was towards her, and he was wearing a robe identical to the one he'd given her. The leg he'd been favouring was slightly bruised; evidently the armour had been strong enough to shield him from the worst of the blow.

She could see he was strong; sleek, without being overly muscled.

Princess leia jabba the hutt fanfiction

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