Pregnant video game characters

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Giving birth is one of the most natural experiences a person can go through.

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Although it is rightfully considered a thing of beauty, pregnancy can arguably be the most difficult few months of someone's life. This is even before taking into the traumatic pain associated with the delivery and any medical complications which might arise. Even in the best of environments, these nine months tend to be rather stressful. Video games do shy away from this topic, with only a select few depicting a pregnant character and barely any actually allowing the player to control a soon to be mother.

The handful of titles which decide to go down this route, often take things to the extreme and use the pregnancy for shock value. This is not the case with every single game, but a pregnant character is not really interesting in and of itself. The way they ended up with a bun in the oven and what their future potentially holds is where the intrigue truly lies. Therefore, it is safe to say that most pregnancies in video games are unexpected, abnormal, and memorable for hardly the most beautiful of reasons. When an expectant woman does show up in a rare game, it can result in quite a bit of controversy, especially if the birth is used as nothing more than a gimmick.

Here are a few examples of shocking video game pregnancies which left a lasting impression. Also, spoiler alert for the upcoming games, as these entries are a big part of the plot. The Holsom Twins are pop starlets who have a fling with the one-liner spewing lead character. They are an obvious reference to the Olsen Twins, even though their personalities do not really resemble them in any shape or form.

Their appearances tend to boil down to a handful of risky innuendos before going down Pregnant video game characters Duke. Eventually, our fearless hero finds the Twins captured in an alien hive, where they have been impregnated.

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Due to some epic time wasting, as Duke just had to deliver a pun, he is unable to save them before the alien spawns burst out of their stomachs. The miracle of birth. In the Old West, not even a pregnant God-fearing woman should be trusted. Clara LaGuerta plays a relatively small part in the grand scheme of things, as she sends the player on a side-quest to get some money from the father of her yet unborn.

After hearing her sob story, how she was thrown out of Blackwater due to her illegitimate pregnancy and the father of the child refusing to acknowledge her, Marston decides to help her. After confronting Harold Pregnant video game characters, the supposed father, Marston is challenged to a duel and ends up killing Harold and robbing his corpse. Whether she was actually pregnant is never confirmed. A single thread in the luscious tapestry which is BioShocksomeone would be forgiven for forgetting Jasmine even existed.

Revealed through a few different recordings found by Jack while exploring Rapturethis former Broadway chorus girl was Andrew Ryan's mistress for a good few years. Due to never receiving her big break on the surface, she accepted Ryan's invitation to relocate to the underwater city.

Enjoying her new found riches, Jasmine ended up pregnant with Ryan's child but was hesitant to tell him, as she wanted to gain financial independence. This freedom was achieved by selling her unborn fetus to Brigid Tenenbaum, who served as a spokesperson for Ryan's nemesis Frank Fontaine. When the founder of Rapture learned of her treachery, he murdered the poor singer in brutal fashion. O ne of the hardest bosses in a game with nothing but challenging boss fights, the Pthumerian Queen takes a bit of work to actually findas she is located in the Chalice Dungeons.

Throughout Bloodborneshe makes a handful of ghoulish appearances, usually accompanied by the cries of and other unsettling imagery associated with a stillborn birth. When the player finally gets to challenge the Queenshe seems to be stuck in a never-ending loop, forced to re-experience the failed birth of her offspring. The haunting encounter is spiced up with the cries of her unborn child, which can even paralyze the hunter. This is one experience which is genuinely troubling; Yharnam continuously cuts her wrists, becoming bloodier as the battle rages on.

The Queen eventually creates multiple clones who are not pregnant. If you thought nine months might feel like an eternity, imagine what a seventeen-year pregnancy would be like! Silent Hill hardly has the easiest of story-lines to follow, but the gist of it is that Heather Mason is the Mother of God and is pregnant with God.

As a reincarnation of Alessa, the rebellious teenager possesses the ability to bring the demon worshipped by The Order to the real world. After suffering a particularly harsh case of morning sickness, Heather ingests a special herb found in pendant and throws up the unborn creature before attempting to kick God in the face. An immensely powerful Pregnant video game characters, who offers hardly any resistance in a fight against Dante, this impressive woman runs a popular nightclub and can often be seen standing alongside her man Mundus.

When not discussing plans on how to help the city prosper, they tend to be found locked in a passionate display of love. As these silly kids cannot keep their hands to themselves, Lilith ends up pregnant with a hellspawn. T wo for the price of one, Mary Read and Anne Bonny are arguably the most notorious female pirates in history. Sticking awfully close to their real-life counterparts, with the exception of Mary being a member of the West Indies Brotherhood of Assassins, the two ladies temporarily postpone the noose by revealing they are with. While waiting to be rescued, Mary birthed a girl, who was promptly taken away from her.

Edward finally shows up but is only able to save Anne, as Mary succumbs to a fever. Although she manages to escape, Anne also ends up losing her. Apparently, the Golden Age of Pirates was a pretty harsh time to live in. After ing the team, players are able to form a relationship with her by showing compassion and providing a shoulder to cry on. In the expansion Throne of Bhaalthe hesitant cleric offers herself to the hero and, if the opportunity is taken, ends up pregnant.

From there, it takes over 30 in-game days for the baby to show up in the inventory. Art imitating reality. A game which allows the lead character to decide whether to get pregnant or not. Fable II offers a lot of choices to the player on how they would like to exist within its universe. One option, if playing as a female hero, could result in a pregnancy.

It takes a few steps to get there, as the player first needs to find a good man and get married. Once the honeymoon phase is well and truly over, the couple can engage in some nightly entertainment. If a contraceptive is not used, there is a chance that a baby will be born or the character will receive an STD.

If a male character is chosen, their wife can also get pregnant using the same method. J are Pregnant video game characters a new addition to the family. J, to further add to this plot thread. The clearest hint comes during the ending credits when Harley sings Hush Little Baby.

The last of their bloodline, the main plot pivots on the importance of at least one of them surviving to replace their brother, Joshua, as the current Turok. Throughout this epic first-person-shooter, which sees Danielle face off against hordes of terrifying monstrosities, she juxtapositions an array of bad-ass moments with a few motherly scenes with her younger brother. In the last few minutes of this action-heavy adventure, it is revealed that Danielle is pregnant and has been carrying a baby throughout the entire campaign.

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This not only added to her overall character but meant that the Turok lineage is destined to continue. T elltale Games has demonstrated an admirable willingness to tackle difficult themes and situations, with The Walking Dead being one of their best. Throughout all the seasons, the player regularly has to decide who to save; with one of the hardest choices coming at the end of season 2.

With the unhinged Kenny threatening to kill Jane, Clementine is forced to select who to shoot. It happens quite early in season 3, with the player being given no opportunity to talk her down, making the choice feel almost Pregnant video game characters. Playable characters in Final Fantasy XWakka and Lulu were raised together in Besaid before embarking on the massive adventure with Tidus.

Their relationship is complex, multi-dimensional, and manages to feel genuine. Before they eventually tie the note and became husband and wife, the couple is depicted as supportive of one another. Lulu's pregnancy is revealed during the cinematic short Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calmwhich bridged the gap between the two games, and continues throughout Final Fantasy X For once, the pregnancy ends up progressing smoothly, with the arrival of a baby boy.

For a name, the couple settles on Vidina. Considering everything that happens in Final Fantasy XLulu and Wakka deserved to be cut a bit of a break when it comes to the birth of their son. T he harbinger of many nightmares in the mids, Alma Wade is a stable of the F. R franchise and the main antagonist for the first two games. Regularly appearing in her creepy child-like form, reminiscent of horror films like The Ringshe seeks vengeance against the Corporation who carried out experiments on her. Alma is extremely strong, capable of tearing reality itself apart to send the protagonist into a hallucinatory state.

At the end of F. R 2she overwhelms the lead character and uses him as a sperm donor. Pregnant video game characters final entry in the trilogy sees Alma struggling through labor, with the soundtrack occasionally consisting of nothing more than her screams of agony. Considering she is mostly shown asher sudden pregnancy is far from the most comfortable of plot developments. R emember the part about a regular pregnancy not being interesting enough to be included in a video game? Well, the people at BioWare definitely thought so. As this involves a blood ritual, the player can decide whether they or one of the other Wardens impregnate Morrigan.

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Pregnant video game characters

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