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My husband thinks that all pregnant women are sexy. So I decided to get pregnant from him. As soon as he came inside me, my stomach started to grow, making me more and more sexy.

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Months passed, my pregnant belly grew and now it has reached its maximum size. My husband and I have sex almost every day, he is so excited by my huge pregnant belly,I hope this will not cause childbirth.

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I got knocked up by you, you can see it by my big pregnant belly. A few months ago, you knocked me up and my belly grew for a very long time.

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Now I am in the last month of pregnancy, now is the time to prepare to be a father, because childbirth is close. Your baby is now in this tummy and growing.

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Since then, my belly has been growing actively, now my belly is huge and it is impossible to hide a pregnant belly under clothes. I really hope that you like my big pregnant belly, because I like it very much. I do not know what is happening to me now, but I hope I will give birth toand not explode. My belly grows every day.

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Because of pregnancy, my stomach is like a balloon inflating and becoming heavier and rounder. Very soon, none of the clothes from my closet will be able to hide my swollen and big belly. I would rather give birth. It looks like that quick pregnancy pill started working incorrectly. I must urgently start giving birth. My pregnant belly is starting to grow little by little and is getting bigger.

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I want to have sex with him all the time during pregnancy. Posts Likes Submit a post Archive. See this in the app Show more.

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Preggo teen tumblr

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preggo teen tumblr