Plant vore story

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General Rating. Download Submission. File type : Text File. You have no friends, your family is passed, no job, no education, no future. You feel like shit, and when you feel like shit you walk though the woods. It's the only way to decompress after a stressful day. You love nature that much. You knew there were dangerous creatures in the forest, but you didn't care. Forget weaponry, you were going to go in there alone and unarmed.

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The back of your mind, you prepare to go in and never leave again. Besides, if you did it's not like anyone would miss you anyway. You were going to go there and figure out what to do next. I took in the lovely sunshine peeking through the leaves of the trees.

The songs of birds tweeting makes me feel serene no matter what. Critters were scuttling across the ground, rustling the bushes. I followed the safest path, making sure to avoid known territories.

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Something was off though. The wildlife was a lot less active in this area. I knew that could only mean that something dangerous was lurking nearby.

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It was a large plant-creature, native to the forest, who was sunbathing in the light. Usually they were dangerous monsters, but this one seemed smaller. Was it malnourished? I always had a bit of an interest of plants, so I decided to check it out closer. As I approached, the creature woke up with a big stretch before examining me. Trying to avoid a confrontation, I attempted to soothe the monster with some soft humming.

What was strange creature doing? I am monster. Creature not hurt me? Creature not run from me? Instead make me try to feel good? Plant confused. Creature make me feel good. Good creature. It was a good plant, I could tell.

I felt its confusion and pain. I felt its all-consuming hunger. It was a monster, but For some reason, I felt empathatic for it. Like Plant vore story just needed someone to care for it. I go in for an embrace, it needed a big warm hug. Friendly creature wrapped its vines around me It warm, and cuddly. I wrap vines around it too.

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I feel soft vibrations come from the creature. It happy. My stomach growls loudly. Wait, creature is food, right? Hunger gets better of me. I grab creature.

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Ready to drop in mouth I salavate. Finally, hunger going away now. I could feel myself being grabbed on the sides of my chest Preassure on my feet is removed as I am lifted off the floor I look down to see their mouth, wide open and slobbering. Oh no! Was I going to get eaten?! I screamed in horror. Creature vibrates. It wasn't good vibration like before, but bad one. Making creature unhappy? I couldn't.

I need to put creature down. It's scared, I know it. No, bad plant. It make me happy. Be good. Be good I am bad plant. There's a moment of hesitation, before I am put down again The plant puts its leaves over its face. You can smell its sorrow in the air.

I realize what's happening, and tears roll down eyes in empathy It must be so hungry. You give it another hug, trying to make it feel better. You stroke its belly softly. It really likes that. There was no doubt in mind; this creature is Plant vore story. I can't hurt friend. I can't. I must make friend happy. But my belly didn't agree, it said, no, eat it. Eat the friend. Stupid tummy. I hate it. I hate it so much. Shut up tummy. Hug the creature stronger now. Won't let go. I knew what it was like to be hungry.

It was horrible. Having to pay rent and left me unable to afford to eat. I sighed to myself.

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Was this finaly my chance to be worth something? It was fucked up to think about, but I had nowhere else to go. I removed each article of clothing one by one, stripping to nudity Collecting my thoughts, and thinking about my life, I pat its belly. You can eat me. Why do that?

Plant vore story

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Devoured By The Alien Plant: A Vore Story