Planetside 2 female models

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PlanetSide 2 Forums. Ballto21Aug 4, Until these become purchasable by in-game cash As it currently is I don't think the female models even really look that female.

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ColonelChinglesAug 4, It's ridiculous, and objectification and over-sexualisation is not a core aspect of this game like it is in that one. Sorry, rant over. TriumphantJellyAug 4, KorbanAug 4, LOLd, that was an interesting video!

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UberNoobAug 4, MarkAntonyAug 4, The only thing I can't understand with people who play with female models in this game is WHY? After several weeks,I asked some of my friends which are males in real but play with female model why they like playing Planetside 2 female models female,the funpart is that the answers were: 1 more tactical in 2 ways: a they are physically smaller which makes them harder targets b sexual arousal and focus distraction like what Balto mentioned in the video and this works better in VS 2 they aren't satisfied with male voice packs this is an issue in TR and NC and NOT VS they also think that female voice is more mature which is something I actually agree with.

But VS standard voices of both males and females sounds more mature than NC's and the TR male only that's my opinion I always thought that every Female character in the game is just becouse the person IS female but after I asked,it turns out that most who play females are actually males. As for me,I simply like playing male becouse it's MY gender,but to be honest,I play with female model as TR becouse again,the TR voice sounds little squeaky and stupid for me While I think the main reason they made female models in ps2 is just to avoid getting the accusation of "anti-feminist".

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Scorpion97Aug 4, GhoestAug 4, SulsaAug 4, TakaraAug 4, I hope kids aren't watching this thread. RainbowDash9Aug 4, I have been playing this game a long time and it is true most FM's are males but the ones that are real females are some of the best players I have run up against in this game.

They just kick a ss. When PS2 launched we had a lot of FM's playing in the game.

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Not near as many now. I have to say I like some of the posts in this thread.

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If not, I will be hugely disappointed in our player base. FBVanuAug 4, Red is OP. AsagehAug 4, DemiganAug 4, Show Ignored Content.

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