Overwatch winston cosplay

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These two factors combine to create ripe cosplay opportunities, and some of the greatest fan-made costumes the gaming industry has seen.

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At seemingly every convention, gaming event and meet-up even since Overwatch was shown off to the world, there have been people cosplaying as its characters. As one of the non-humans of the Overwatch cast, Winston is typically difficult to pull off, but Aerlyn Grey did it with flying colors. Cosplayer: MomokunPhoto by York in a Box.

This spot-on recreation of Mei nails every important detail, down to the circular pattern on her pants and her over-sized snow boots. This costume of Aussie maniac Junkrat captures his essence beautifully, including his peg-leg and scorch marks all over his exposed skin. We especially love the attention to detail on his curved sword and mask. Cosplayer: Lunar Crow.

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Cosplay by The Crash Project. This costume stands out on the list because, like Zenyatta and Winston, the character is not human.

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There is actually a person cosplaying as D. This towering Reinhardt cosplay of his Blackhardt skin is impressive for a of reasons. It looks incredibly accurate, but its sheer size is staggering.

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Just look at the size of that axe. This Captain Amari version of Ana is shockingly accurate. Load More.

Overwatch winston cosplay

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