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When Gearbox released Borderlands 2 init had a novel idea: "SHiFT codes," which players could find on Borderlands' forums and social media s and enter into the game to unlock rare weapons and cosmetics. Shift codes come in two main varieties:. Golden Keys open a special crate in the city of Sanctuary. That crate is guaranteed to serve up a purple rarity item.

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In a game with billions of randomly generated guns, it was a tantalizing way to skip the RNG and get some great weapons. Special skins are unique skins and he for each Borderlands 2 character that can only be unlocked with Shift codes. Today Borderlands 2 is still going strong on Steam, and still occasionally gets golden key shift codes even now that the sequel is out. Check out our new guide to Borderlands 3 Shift codes for unlocks in the new looter shooter. If you're playing Borderlands 2, these codes will help you load up on rare guns and cool skins. Below we've collected tons of Borderlands 2 Shift codes that unlock skins or big piles of keys.

For years you could redeem Shift codes at Shift. That means to redeem your codes, you need to jump into Borderlands 2 and do a little alt-tabbing. Once you're on that menu, you'll see a list of ly redeemed Shift codes. Click the Shift Code button at that bottom of that window, then paste Nisha heads borderlands the digit Shift code.

When we find some new temporary or permanent codes for we'll keep track of them here.

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To find new codes regularly, you can follow the official Gearbox and Borderlands social media s, but your most efficient destination for Shift codes is this website: Shift. The website automatically monitors and posts updates from both Twitter and Facebook onto one convenient. If Gearbox has put out a new batch of Shift codes, they'll be listed here.

The unofficial Shift Codes Twitter is also easy to follow. Keep in mind that Shift codes typically expire after weeks, so check in once a week or so if you're actively looking to stockpile. Now let's get to the really good stuff: special Shift codes that can unlock unique items and cosmetics. Despite being years old, these Shift codes for character skins haven't been deactivated at least, not yet.

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As far as we know, they should continue to work. Thanks to Orcz for an exhaustive list that's mostly up-to-date. Note: These codes are all for the PC version of Borderlands 2 and won't work on consoles. Class Mods change how characters play and give certain skills big buffs and bonuses.

Definitely use these Shift codes if you're planning a new Borderlands 2 playthrough, since they'll open up new ways to play. Check the long list of Shift codes on this Wiki to find lo of codes that still work. Most of them will give you a bundle good for five Golden Keys, which means five openings of the chest in Sanctuary for purple loot. But here are a few codes you should definitely activate, which are good for way more than just five keys.

Pump these in and you'll be swimming in loot!

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