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The world of Naruto is populated with countless colorful characters who have gone on to become shonen anime staples, from the hero Naruto Uzumaki himself to Hinata Hyuga and Gaara of the Sand. Gaara is an interesting case; he was born as a jinchurikibut the bitter loneliness drove him to become bloodthirsty, and Naruto genderbend gaara clashed with Naruto once. But now he's a vital friend. Gaara's character arc is a remarkable one, and by the end of Naruto ShippudenGaara had become a commander of the united ninja forces, showing just how far he's come.

Cosplayers are ready to show their stuff, and these cosplayers have brought Gaara to life in spectacular fashion. Cosplayer janevindom understands that early in Gaara's life, he was terribly lonely, and he was a victim of his unfortunate circumstances. For the sake of the world, someone has to contain the one-tailed beast, but that doesn't make Gaara feel any better about it.

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In this cosplay, Gaara is curled up on his own, wishing that someone, anyone would be his friend, just once. The cosplayer captured an intense look of loneliness Naruto genderbend gaara longing in Gaara's eyes, even when half of Gaara's face is hidden. The life of a jinchuriki is not an easy one, and Naruto and Gaara know that better than anyone.

Having a tailed beast inside will not only alienate the entire village but also result in the inner beast manifesting from time to time. Sometimes, the one-tailed beast likes to pop out and say hi. When he's in this state, not even his brother or his big sister Temari can help him.

Living in a desert is not easy, and in the Naruto world, the Sand Village ninjas need to be tough and practical to survive in the arid Land of Wind. Wind-based jutsu are common there, and Gaara's ability is just like sand getting kicked up from the dunes as the gales blow. Cosplayer yasminnich smartly chose a heavy-duty outfit to protect Gaara from the harsh desert wind and sun, and Gaara is looking both practical and stylish, drawing up that cloak to protect his face as he treks into the desolate sands.

He's ready for anything. Gender-bender cosplays can throw open the doors to all kinds of creative possibilities, often to imagine popular male characters as gorgeous female versions of themselves.

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That's the case here, where Gaara leftNaruto center and Sasuke Uchiha right are the three top kunoichi in the world. It's a good look. Gaara is in the mood for the holidays, and he's even feeling festive enough to don a traditional "ugly sweater" this time around. Gaara's new duds feature Santa Clause riding T-Rexes, and that just shows how far Gaara's sense of humor has come.

He's learned to laugh and smile at last. Cosplayer mbalf. Once a ninja, always a ninja. Family ties are important in the world of Narutoand before the five great ninja villages were formed, ninjas grouped up according to family clans. Naruto is descended from the Uzumaki clan from his mother's side, and today, Gaara and his two siblings are all close to one another.

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In this cosplay shot, cosplayer wegenaer poses in the middle as a calm but tough Gaara with modern-style clothes that are still faithful to the character's original outfit. The same can be said about Kankuro to the left and Temari to the right, and it's a good look for all three of them.

Cosplayer kaysmirage has a charming Gaara gender-bender cosplay to offer, and it turned out wonderfully. The cosplayer opted to stay true to Gaara's original outfit, from the fishnet sleeves to the white sash and the gourd of sand on lady Gaara's back. This time around, Gaara has a gentle and imploring look, as though lady Gaara is sweetly asking someone to talk to her and give her some company. To add a gentle tone to this shot, the cosplayer opted for a pale gray background with yellow lights, like a starry sky.

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Gaara has always been monolithic as a character. At first, he was a bitter loner who fought only for himself, such as during his dramatic debut in the chunin exams arc. Then he became Naruto's friend and ally, and by Naruto Shippudenhe was the Kazekage, despite his youth. Cosplayer monkeyshitzz depicts Gaara as the lone defender of the Hidden Sand Village in this stunning shot, where Gaara stands alone not because he's a pariah, but because he won't let anyone else risk their lives to defend their home village.

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That duty must fall to him and him only. Gaara is a much more confident and happy person now, and he has the acceptance and trust of the entire Hidden Sand Village. And, as Kazekage, he may act as the representative of Naruto genderbend gaara village, and he can visit the Hidden Leaf Village at any time to meet with the current Hokage. Leaf and Sand are now strong allies. His sister Temari came along too, just to watch. She doesn't mind paying a visit, too. Cosplayer pikapikaboubou chose to depict Gaara in black-tie attire, such as if he's going to a charity ball. Gaara is looking his best here, and his red tie matches his red hair and the "love" character written on his forehead.

He's also got that gourd tied to his belt, just in case. Otherwise, Gaara has a relaxed and crisp look with his white pants and coat, and a black shirt for contrast. It all comes together well, and Gaara is bound to turn a few he when he s the party dressed to the nines like this. Louis Kemner has been a fan of Japanese animation sincewhen he discovered Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z in elementary school. He's always looking for a wonderful new anime to watch or manga series to read. You can reach him at lkemner yahoo. By Louis Kemner Published Jan 11, Share Share Tweet 0.

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Naruto genderbend gaara

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