Morrowind hood mod

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Here you can select the of cards to be placed in a row for each of supported screen resolutions. Your current resolution is highlighted in this way.

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Appearance View mode Grid Cards of cards in a row Here you can select the of cards to be placed in a row for each of supported screen resolutions. Large desktop 1 2 3 4 6 Desktop 1 2 3 4 6 Tablet 1 2 3 4 6 Phone 1 2 3 4 6 size Total record count: Records per 10 50 s 20 25 s 50 10 s 5 s ALL 1 s Custom s. Cancel Save changes. Print Print current Print all s. Mannequins suitable for display of clothing and armor.

Also find them Mannequins suitable for display of weapons, clothing and armor. Find them for Morrowind hood mod from Sunel Hlas, the trader in Mournhold. Otherwise, use 3S Weapon Mannequin. To place a mann Milie Hastien, fine clothier in Balmora is happy to sell them to you. This plugin adds an outfit based on Adrianna's armor from Baldur's Gate.

The esp has been cleaned and tested. So, I decided to make this for Morrowind. Cleaned and tested, requires Better Bodies. This is a collection of adventurer's clothing for males and females of the Better Body. There are four color variations, and these outfits can be found inside a home northwest of Caldera. Introduces some new items of clothing to the Morrowind hood mod though it must be pointed out that they are by no means lore friendly! The black jeansblack t-shirt and black boots are on sale at Mabestien Ence's shop in Pelagiad. I thought it rather odd that in the land of dark elves there was a serio The outfit can be found in an old buried barrel on the south-end of the Sadrith Mora docks.

This mod expands Seyda Neen, giving it a new look and features such as: - Docks with travel options to and back from! Hla Oad and Ebonheart and a fishing dock - Marketplace selling a variety of items, e. This mod is a follow up of my mod "Aleanne Armor and Clothes".

You will need that one in order to make this work. It consist of various pieces of female armor and clothes, most are a bit skimpy, so consider yourself warned. Features : Volliandrium Armor Alex's Magic Shop This mod places a shop in Balmora which includes: Staffs ranging from the death staff which has two uses before it needs to be recharged to lightning,fire etc which do even amounts of damage, Magic Arrows, a bow, and a dagger, and Magic Clothing, and light a You can buy these two hoods at in Caldera at Falanaamo's shop for a very reasonable price.

Upgrade A Thus, I made equippable versions, which are AnOldFriend made some high-resolution female Better Bodies skins, with absolutely gorgeous underwear on the Clean version.

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As one who prefers nude skins no visible panty line! I didn't want to restrict myself to permanent underwear, so I made equippable versions. They are for sale by Verara Ren A new shop opened in Vos, where Aradia the weaver will sell uou several dresses, clothes, and armors, for female only.

Better Bodies highly recommended! Clean with Tesame and Morrowind Enchanted Editor. This is my first mod for Morrowind. I'm not very good at scripting, so I had to kinda mesh together existing scripts and wing it where I had to. I hope you like it. When you kill Morrowind hood mod and achieve archmage, you will be told to check his rooms for a chest. In the chest This mod, fix it. Just put the folder "Data Files" in the main Morrowind folder and overwrite the files.

Changelog:added alternate download link. This mod contains the pieces of seven sets of Better Bodies armor and clothing Morrowind hood mod around Vvardenfell in easily recognisable chests. Four of the sets also have male versions. During your wanderings about Caldera, you will come across a small addon to a house that w There is one set of heavy, two of medium, three clothing, and four light with varing Ac, cash worth and enchanting values.

Your search begins with a mysterious book on the table of The hidden Arkham C Story Welcome to witch-cursed, legend-haunted Arkham, whose huddled, sagging gambrel roofs and crumbling balustrades brood out the centuries beside the darkly muttering Miskatonic. The hidden Arkham Clothing Collection is housed somewhere within this rather unusual town. Adds a store to Pelagiad that sells male and female Better Bodies clothing.

Men: 20 pairs of boxer shorts 8 pairs of pants 12 shirts Women: 5 bodysuits 11 dresses 7 sarongs 4 pairs of stilettos Unisex: 3 pairs of shoes. A wearable version of the robe worn by Ascended Sleepers. For sale at Clothier's around Vvardenfell, the robe has identical stats to the Exquisite Robe. The only alterations I felt I had to make to this robe were the cuff's.

See readme for info. This Mod adds assassins to the game wich attack you. There are 3 different type of them. The first type is a Cammona Tong Secret agent thats what i called it Who look like a normal citizen, they wear a full set of common clothing with a daedric dagger, they are level 20, class assassin and are This mod adds the Assassin's Leather Outfit to the game, the outfit is based off the "underwear" for Dark Elf females from Lineage 2. Made using NioLiv's Meshes. I made it as both armor, and clothing so you are able to choose which way you would rather use it.

Hurdy Gurdy's Aventurer's Vest v. Thanks for giving this a shot. The outfit is a locked chest in the Census And Excise Office. Adds a new clothing shop in Vos. Features: 57 new textured dresses Description This mod adds the legendary ghostship "Serenity" which anchors in Ebonheart's Bay.

This is a clothing and armor mod for female Morrowind Characters. The clothes and armorsets are made for the Better Bodies shape. Some of them are a bit skimpy! The clothes are sold by the warrior Calisto. She is sharing a shop in caldera with the Armorer Hodlismod. A male only clothing store located under beautiful downtown Tel Branora with magic crystal entrances in several other locations.

Changes made include tight legged pants and boots as well as ground meshes. This mod adds a two story building just north of the balmora silt strider first floor is Kelly hu's shop second floor home for sell. This is a small addon to my ly released mesh pack, containing two new meshes: a long loose fitting skirt and a few variations of a full sleeved dress. I've also included new versions of some of my old work, mainly to let them use different slots than before.

All meshes are alpha-enabled, Requires Better Bodies 2. This is a set of very basic clothing meshes I made for Better Bodies 2. All are alpha-enabled, with both full alpha and Morrowind hood mod versions included for each mesh. When the slot asments allow it, most of these meshes can be worn together. This is just a small plugin that adds a few new clothing, armor, and weapons items to the wrold of Morrowind. These are almost all available in Foryn Gilnith's shack in Seyad Neen; each person in the shack is wearing an example of the item they hold and sell.

You can either buy it from them the This is the 3rd outfit for my clothing and armor line. It's from the 5th season. This is still a resource so no esp is provided. Olms Tailors and Dyers Hall.

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I have added a new NPC who also wears the outfit. The outfit is companion friendly, but she only sells I got ill with the fact that there were no non-visible items that could be enchanted with CE Restore Health, since 0 points CE takes 25 enchantment points on its own.

So I made a little belt. It has CE Restore Health on self 10 points. If that seems uber, let me know, I'll either tone it down or This mod places a pair of scripted belts into the game of Morrowind. When the wearer is hit by a melee attack, the belt has a small chance of responding with the enchantment that is on the belt. A descriptive paper is provided at each of the belt locations.

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This mod adds 13 recolors of a dress I made for several other projects. These color variants were created upon requests over the course of a year. I have also included 2 pairs of black and brown leather boots.

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The items can be bought from a new shop, located on the outskirts of Dagon Fel. Better Bodies V. Better Clothes Version Beta 1. Better Clothes replaces most of the default clothing from the standard Morrowind game with new non-segmented versions deed to work with Better Bodies. This improves the visual appearance of most items of clothing that are available in stores, and worn by NPCs, and in your inventory.

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Better Clothing Names gives all the generic clothing names unique names. This is my first ed mod so please give constructive criticism to help me make it better. Better Clothing Names Bloodmoon Addon changes the generic clothing from Bloodmoon to give them more unique names. Better Clothing Names Tribunal and Bloodmoon Addon changes all the generic clothing added by Tribunal and Bloodmoon to give them more unique names.

Better Clothing Names Tribunal Addon changes all the generic clothing added by Tribunal to give them more unique names. Description: Better Cloting Names Ultimate changes all of the generic clothing in Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon to give the more 'unique' names. I have not chnaged the names of quest items, unique items or magic items. This mod does not require any of my Morrowind hood mod This mod adds a smaller, more feminine female groin mesh to all of the pants in Morrowind that don't already have female versions.

In other words, it fixes it so that the women don't have to walk around with huge "packages" anymore. This mod uses the Domina groin mesh from the LeFemm Armor A simple mesh replacer that stops the expensive and extravagant gloves from clipping through robes.

Morrowind hood mod

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