Morbidly obese giraffe

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Oh, and to the people who are making racist comments about the USA, there are plenty to go around and I'm sure you would get upset if 50 or so people were ranting about how your country is a bunch of ignorant morons. Just saying. Posted on 27th October, - I think most people here are taking this too seriously. Obesity is a Morbidly obese giraffe problem here, and it make fun of it.

I thought it was pretty funny. But if you don't like it you don't have to declare to the world that you are a stupid douche that can't laugh once in a while. Posted on 8th October, - You arrogant assholes! You are all descended from my kind and therefore it is amoebas like me you have to thank!

You would all be nothing without us!! Well, accept for the creationists. You'd still be here, hiding from dinosaurs. Posted on 15th July, - Food surplus creates obesity and worldwide, people in lower economic classes are generally obese 'cos they eat bad, cheap food. Obese people are everywhere as are dumb bastards.

Does America have a monopoly on dumb fat people? But they definitely have a large part of the market it seems. This thread was hilarious though, thank you.

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Giraffes was the best post. Ah lighten up y'all. USA is becoming a land of extremes - Supertoned or Obese. The aggression being shown towards the US here is down to foreign policy over the years. And frankly, North Korea or PAkistan are the ones most likely to Morbidly obese giraffe doing the nuking any time soon. Posted on 7th January, - Posted on 29th December, - Americans will think of themselves better than anyone or they will nuke you. We rest our case. Posted on 23rd December, - Morbidly obese giraffe I'm not fat! I'm big boned and your mother and sister love it when I put the stuffing to them!

Posted on 2nd December, - Posted on 27th November, - Are you really that stupid? Why threaten to drop nukes, you cant Posted on 21st November, - Posted on 16th November, - If you don't like the fact that so many people want to be anti american, then do something about it. You're pretty much hated in the UK as a nation, if not as individuals.

In fact, pretty much everyone thinks you're just a consumption led, ignorant bunch of war mongers. Posted on 25th August, - If God wanted us to be anorexically skinny, he would not have given us skin that stretched. The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin! Posted on 5th August, - Com'on people! Posted on 31st July, - Posted on 24th July, - Troy said: Just another jealous non-American. Don't forget or maybe u've never known this that a Bulgarian living in America invented the Computer, not Americans! But mostly there are fat people! Posted on 19th July, - Posted on 12th July, - Fatness started in America therefor you should accept the consequences and laugh at the funny fat giraffe Posted on 9th July, - Posted on 3rd July, - Hello, once again, and i love the horse even more.

That is hilarious, im surprised it can even jump!

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Posted on 30th June, - Alas, all I can do is sit here and mourn my wasted sarcasm, wasted upon the unwashed rabble never to be regained. Nuking the moon was a hyperbolic boast, akin to all the other "We'll nuke you" statements. Internet arguments do not establish, dictate, or affect American foreign policy.

Just 'cause we say we'll nuke you doesn't mean it'll happen, or indeed, that we are taking anything or anyone including ourselves seriously. Or, for that matter, that anyone is taking us seriously. I'm gratified to live in a country that has recognized the sanctity of outer space and the celestial bodies. If only they had more respect for more earthy bodies! Makes me get a good-of-humanity fuzzy feeling inside.

All hail the UFP! Fat animals are funny. People who make fun of fat people by calling them Americans are not. People who make fun of Americans by calling them fat? Well, we don't have to worry about them, as they will soon be nuked. In the asses. Posted on 29th June, - Posted on 28th June, - Actually no one owns the moon under the Outer Space Treaty.

It's a bit weird but it makes sense, saying that no one owns any celestial body and no one can make weapons in outer space, so there can essentially be no war in outer space. However that doesn't stop them making them, they just can't use them. But as in Morbidly obese giraffe it, no one does, unlike Antarctica where some countries own sections but not on the moon because it has no ownership. Posted on 27th June, - So, the Mighty Mother Russia could have won the war, eh? No, they couldn't. Yeah, you were pushing back the Nazi's from Berlin, but let's be serious, it was only due to the Russian winter and the two-front ware that Russia turned back the German push eastward in the first place.

As to why we're talking about WW2 - didn't you know all internet rhetoric turns into a discussion of Nazism? Reductio ad Hitlerium, or something like that. On a more serious note, it's actually because most of Europe still resents America's contributions or actions, not everything we did was constructive in WW2 and especially afterward.

And yeah, we Americans should just get over people shit-talking. Great plan. Just ignore international resentment and the overriding hate of all the rest of the world. Talk about arrogance and pride. Would you rather indignation or indifference? And yeah, a lot of Americans know where South Africa is. Most of the world knows where it is, in fact - you want to know why? Because it was the last remnant of a BRITISH empire that was the lovely home to one of the most vile institutions of the 20th century, apartheid. Let's not call the kettle black, my friends. Look at how angry the Brits get when another country dares to not let the sun set on their faces.

Hypocrisy, I say. And finally, I reiterate; shut the hell up, or we'll nuke everybody. Maybe the moon too, just for the hell of it. We own it, after all. Posted on 25th June, - Its sad really that people eat till they drop regardless of the country they are from. The sad truth is that in the US people have horrible eating habits and the largest concentration of obese people.

Be that as it may, I think the USA is an amazing country and if people chose to eat till they drop it's their right to do so. You think you're so fuckin high and mighty just because you live in the USA but what you don't realize is that our country is greedy and racist and wasteful. Get your head out of your ass and stop acting like you're hot shit. It's really funny to see how Americans get sooooo upset over something so petty. Take it with a laugh, for crying out loud. Think about this: It's a picture of a fat giraffe, and I see that Russia's role in WWll, the invention of the internet not solely an American intention, by the waythe Morbidly obese giraffe wtf?

I have seen this same caption stating "effect of Mcdonalds after over a decade in South Africa" Americans, that's a country at the bottom of a really big continent, look in an atlas and an atlas is a book Morbidly obese giraffe many maps of places around the world Many Americans are insecure and over-sensitive, overtly so. These comments stand as yet another testament to the idiot nation, a title that a few are giving to the whole.

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Love you morons, always good entertainment, and for those of you with a good sense of humour, feel sorry for you for sharing a country with those losers. To the main point of thethe picture, it is a point, but Morbidly obese giraffe a bit lame as a true political comment, not really that funny or clever. It is an interesting picture, and tread much in the same satirical direction with my art. I feel that it stands alone without the comment. It is a prejudice statement and stoops what could be profound to a low and shameless level. Every developed and well off nation has this problem in common; overcomsumption.

You could touch more with your views if executed with less prejudice. Posted on 24th June, - As always, the comments 'outweigh' the picture for entertainment. Get a grip on all that righteous indignation. Or was that a stereotype too? I agree, Americans are out of control with the eating and lack of activity.

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The stress has a lot to do with it as well. The entire world is laughing at the US. I nearly died laughing after I read billdave's comment. Hitler mustaches on kittens, har!

Morbidly obese giraffe

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