Moonman crank that

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I went to a very diverse high school and this song brought kids of every background together to dance in the halls. Not for a tiktok or clout, just cuz. It was a time like no other. This is a big hit in the here in the Philippines asian country all the loud speakers of motor bikes were blasting this after school. I was in 8th grade. I'm both an emo rock and hiphop fan haha! Yeah In middle school the school dances were all about this song at my school. I didn't even like it but still ed in for the fun.

Things were just so much different. I may be naive, but the world just seemed nicer? I hope the nurse at your nursing home gets tired of you and Moonman crank that to put the pillow in your face. VeryNeccesary He absolutely did nothis hustle just did better than most. Just a reminder that he wrote and produced this song by himself at 16 and it became a no. Love him or hate him, but this song influenced today's music a lot and he was extremely ahead of his time. But i still remember listening to this song in my childhood.

I mean your kinda very right. He should have put this song on his consoles to show people he actually made them and has the s to the emulators. Bruh their clothes remind me of when my mom would pick like these EXTRA large clothing, saying i would grow into them. I wasn't even big to begin with. This song is so lit even it's old. I had very fun time mix this song! Given that I've heard this Moonman crank that up with nearly every other song in existence, it's pretty safe to say I'd had quite an impact.

This is one of my favorite songs and Fun Fact: It was made about 7 months after I was born. Not the most trustworthy person but he most definitely is a gangster,and this is a bop. I was 7 when this dropped.

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Good times. Vaguely remember listening to it during Sunday School which was usually just music and coloring in the church's cafeteriaand has been ingrained in my memory for years. Pattuela ye but nowadays people in movies smoke marijuana as well so its more accepted.

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It's crazy how many peOple come back to this everyday. Moonman crank that reference how old this song is, Bush was still president, the iPhone wasn't a thing, and the Superbowl was between the bears and colts, that's insane. Yessir Ploty no where did i say this song debuted in smh or YouTube in smh 9. Yessir Ploty actually read what I'm saying. I said it was still playing on the radio in God dam. I'm pushing 30 right now and I can still do this entire dance, fight me b.

This is some dope ass shit, I remember he was kind of a joke back in the day and never bothered to even pay a bit of attention to it back then, but this slaps. Ahh the era where we wore dresses instead of shirts. So damn skinny we looked like hangers. The world went into a frenzy and everyone was cranking dat.

So clearly you do care. You just hate that you do. Everybody: return where you belong souljay boy. With that pfp you have no say in anything But you're right but you still have no say. This was made a day after I was born. I like to imagine he keeps the outfit in storage and on display like Batman. I really like the computer graphics, like a memory of a happier and better time online. He blurred the Superman logo because he didnt want the public to know his secret identity. I sweaaaar, lifting up power. People just don't remember that feeling :. The nostalgia, dancing in the hallway because we thought it was cool.

Also am I the only kid who danced to this in the bathroom with my friends. Before TicToc. Man stop playing with this manseriously he don't get the recognition that he really should get. He's a genus. I remember dancing to this on Xbox Kinect's "Dance Central. They always say "Who's soulja boy" But never "Hows soulja boy". AthleanX Nuthugger No. I swear if somebody else mentions how " billie ellish started the baggy clothes " imma lose it.

Baggy clothes started in according to google. It says that kriss kross started the trend. Sarah im 26 and i grew up with this, i was in like what 5th 6 grade maybe when it dropped. This will be considered in a class with Mozart in 10 more years for us 90s kids lol. Uses Ouija Board - Is there anybody here in Moonman crank that room with us right now? Show all :. This profile is not public. Edit Profile View as Public Logout. Moon Man. Crank Dat. Moon Man ยป. Moon Man Sun and moon and stars and outer space.

Comments from YouTube:. Tu evil standevil 6d Gv pp.

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Rayona Simmons 4d Love music. Tina Hunt 6d Ac. G S 6d Facts. Ros K. Wilburn 1w LOL. Astrovite 2w Yeah In middle school the school dances were all about this song at my school. Hollisbear 7d Yes sir we won't. Latroyann Thompson 1w True. Jared Betke 1w Well someone was going to. Brian Lokolong 1w Facts. Leo Vice 2w VeryNeccesary He absolutely did nothis hustle just did better than most. VeryNeccesary 2w Soulja Boy does it all first. Savage 3w Casanova Creed good lord, this. Jukebox beatbox 6d funny enough, I listen to this anyways. Kenny Anderson 1w Damn that dance was uglyyyy lmao.

Jetstream 2w confusion no worries, not everyone is perfect. Johnathan Garcia 2w L. OakProx 2w Soorriya no hes not that good lol. E 2w Although his writing is pretty shit, the beat is legendary. Rand 4d yeah. Mario Ciampini 1w Ok boomer. Samuel Vlogs and reacts 1w Katlego Sekoele are you still alive? Jerrygoated YT 2w Love this. KA LAdy 4w I mean your kinda very right.

ZooZooKru 1w same. Jes Boi 2w Snopp lmao. Tristan Pulzner 4w Same with the whole H. U group imo. Captured the era perfectly. Tanchok Dewan 4w Isaiah Robinson history repeats. Tanchok Dewan 4w Real g. God 4w Youngstar Productions Moonman crank that.

Moonman crank that

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