Mexican guys dancing

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The reason has to do with a party held in a secret location in Mexico on November 17 On that night 41—possibly 42—men gathered under the cover of night to dance together. Reports on the party shook society to the core, with half of the participants dressed as women and described as wearing elegant dresses, jewelry and make-up.

Credit: Public Domain. The divide between the elites and the lower class was severe, and would eventually lead to the Mexican Revolution of However, the dance saw the lines of social status blurred among Mexicans. Word of the dance would be spread discretely in local cantinas, drawing party-goers of various classes. Initial reports of the dance were that 42 unidentified men were in attendance, but it was quickly changed to 41 men in subsequent s. Had Mier been the 42nd Mexican guys dancing Ignacio de la Torre y Mier. They were tasked with menial duties such as digging trenches and sweeping floors.

During the weeks following the arrests, the public was both disgusted and fascinated by the dance. News about the event dominated headlines during those few weeks and would only die down after the men were forced to leave and serve the troops.

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Even as news coverage faded, the long-term impact of the dance and its coverage would be to shine a light on a group of people who had never held any public place in society—positive or negative. Irwin, explaining the stifled sexuality of the time. In fact, years later, the 41 came to be synonymous with the event in Mexican culture—and therefore a to be avoided. By the s, public figures in Mexico began to emerge as homosexualsincluding poet Salvador Novo, as the structure for gender norms and sexuality continued to change.

And while 41 had been etched into Mexican history as derogatory, the is now considered a badge of courage and a symbol of strength for queer Mexicans. Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. Live TV. This Day In History.

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Mexican guys dancing

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“Los 41”: The Queer Dance Party That Changed Mexico