Melisandre and gendry

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Okay, I get why she wanted his blood Was there any ificance to it?

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Book spoilers are welcome, please please tag them if you do post them. Thanks for the speculative responses anyway. I think it comes down to the fact that Melisandre is awful. She keeps doing unnecessary terrible things just for her own pleasure.

His son died during that battle and he was obviously heartbroken over his Melisandre and gendry. Melisandre had the nerve to tell Ser Davos that she told his son "death by fire is the purest form of death. She was far from comforting him, and in fact she was taunting him. I think she did that to get Davos to attack her, and Stannis to then throw him into the dungeons - Davos is the only person besides her who has actual influence on Stannis, and it was a way to take him out without getting her hands dirty.

It is awful, and manipulative, but it's not just because she likes to torture people. Also, asoif. She didn't need to do that, but remember, she originally wanted to sacrifice him, until Davos persuaded Stannis that they needed some proof the blood worked first. She wants to make sure Stannis is willing to kill Gendry and she wants to fuck with Davos, who screwed up her original plan, so she makes sure it's very obvious she had sex with Gendry - to make Stannis jealous, since she knows he's very into her - and she hurts him to show Davos that he made the situation more uncomfortable for the.

It's mean, but it's not entirely without thought.

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Found the internet! Sort by: best. House Targaryen.

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House Mormont. House Martell. Blood is blood. She is just fucking with him, mostly. House Stark. Gendry does not encounter Melisandre in the books.

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