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May just changed her clothes… on the beach and in front of Ash and Max. Luckily, May always has her swimsuits underneath her clothes. So, I got rid of that annoying introduction and came up with something different and less annoying so Max can have a good introduction. He asks May if she wants to compete in the League, but she is startled and laughs off the idea. Ash suggests they go to the Gym together, but May rushes off to take care of things. Ash soon reaches the Petalburg Gym, steps inside, and reaches the main arena.

He tries introducing himself to present a challenge, but there is initially no response. Ash tries again, just as a young boy carrying books walks into the room. The boy recognizes Ash and asks him if he was in the Silver Conference. Ash confirms this and says he got all the way to victory round. After Ash corrects him, the boy says that Ash did well during the Silver Conference, despite his loss. Ash thanks the boy and asks him to call out the Gym Leader. At that moment, May peers through a window and returns with two other people, her parents.

May asks the boy, who turns out to be her little brother; Max. May formally introduces her family to Ash. Over the dinner table, Ash reveals that he used to travel with his friends. Just after lunch, May pokemon bikini goes back to the arena for the battle. As the battle starts, Ash uses Pikachu and Norman sends out Vigoroth. Unbeknownst to everyone, Team Rocket has been spying on them through a window.

The first strike is a Thunderbolt from Pikachu, but Vigoroth uses its quick reflexes to easily jump away. Vigoroth soon runs towards Pikachu at high speed and Slashes him. As a result, Ash switches from Electric May pokemon bikini to physical attacks, and Pikachu sprints into a Quick Attack.

Unaware of the threat, Caroline thanks Team Rocket for assisting May on her journey so far, thinking they are friends. Team Rocket scoffs at the idea and launches into their motto. Jessie then sends out Arbok and James calls on Weezing to attack the group. Weezing uses Smokescreen, as Arbok use Headbutt on Pikachu.

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Nervously, May calls out her Torchic, but as she pauses to think, Arbok lands an attack on Torchic. As Ash checks to see if he is okay, Team Rocket escapes in the Smokescreen. Once the dust settles, May realizes she has lost her Torchic. The trio flees in their balloon. They soon land, and Jessie reaches into the loot bag to find Torchic instead. Jessie is upset, admitting that Torchic is definitely not Team Rocket material. Meowth comes up with a backup May pokemon bikini and suggests they use Torchic as bait to get Pikachu.

Caroline and Norman search together, leaving the children on their own. Max first attempts to use a magnifying glass to find footprints, but May reminds him that Team Rocket fled in a balloon. May spots her Torchic stuck in a cage, so she and Max rush forward.

Ash tries to call them back, but it is too late as the pair fall into a hole.

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Norman and Caroline run after them; Ash tries to stop them as well, but they fall into another pitfall trap. As Ash peers into the pitfall trap, Jessie calls for Arbok to attack. Ash sends Pikachu and Treecko out to confront May pokemon bikini trio while he helps May and Max out of the hole.

Caroline and Norman make it out on their own. James calls on Weezing to even things out. When May commands it again, Torchic attacks Max by mistake. This time, she tells it to use Peck, but again it attacks Max. Meanwhile, Arbok Headbutts Pikachu and Vigoroth tackle them both into the balloon.

Then, Pikachu finishes it off with Thunderbolt, sending Team Rocket blasting off. Despite the theft, some good has come of the situation: May and Torchic are already showing s of bonding. Norman notes that Max will be a good help thanks to his wide knowledge, while Caroline says it will be a lot less trouble for her. Also, in the Japanese version of the anime, in the final advanced series episode, Max did say that Ash and May were great with each other. So, that gave me inspiration that Max would become the first Advanceshipper by saying that Ash would be a perfect match for May.

I hope you all enjoy reading this new plot. Stay tuned for future posts going over the new plots for existing episodes in the advanced series. When it comes to updating the Team Magma and Team Aqua arc in the advanced series as part of my series of ideas and objectives for updating the advanced seriesadding a few new episodes would be a way to update this arc.

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On the beaches of Slateport City, our heroes Ash, May, Max, and Brock are spending time together, enjoying the beaches and seaside. However, before the battle, May requests that they all should visit the Slateport Oceanic Museum first. While there, they see all kinds of cool ocean stuff there. However, outside, a group of between 20 and 30 Team Aqua grunts, lead by Aqua Admin Matt in his first appearance arrives and takes over the Museum.

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May protects Max while Brock protects Captain Stern and the blueprints. A battle breaks out and in the end, Ash and Brendan win. As the two grunts are humiliated by their loss, Aqua Admin Matt shows up and challenges Ash and Brendan over the blueprints. Matt brings out Tentacruel and Sharpedo. After a long and close battle, Ash and Brendan win against Matt. Matt is a little embarrassed by his loss, but is impressed by Ash and Brendan.

However, Matt says that they need those blueprints. Before Matt orders the other grunts in the group to battle and even overmatch our heroes, Aqua Leader Archie appears in his first appearance and tells Matt and the grunt to stand down. Afterwards, Archie orders Matt and the other Aqua grunts to leave.

By late afternoon, our heroes are back at the beaches, and Ash and Brendan agree to have that battle. And so, the episode ends where Ash and Brendan prepare for the battle. This is the first newly additional episode for the advanced series. So stay tuned. After hearing May scream, Ash and the others turn around and check on her. Ash and Brendan prepare to run ahead, while May, a new Trainer, lags behind. Ash explains that they simply wants to reach Oldale Town before nightfall.

Ash simply says it is because Pikachu is his May pokemon bikini friend. May sends out her Torchic to battle. The Azurill still wants to fight, Torchic chases after it again. May orders a Peck attack, but Azurill dodges, leaving Torchic pecking at a tree. Finally, Azurill makes Torchic slam into a rock.

Torchic is down, but not out, and manages to chase the Azurill into some bushes. Torchic fires an Ember attack, only to realize that Azurill is now accompanied by an Azumarill and Marill. They all simultaneously spray Water Gun at Torchic, knocking it out in one shot. May feels absolutely useless as she cradles her injured Torchic.

While they run the rest of the route, May pokemon bikini hopes that her Torchic will make it. Along the way, Ash, May, and Brendan come across a ruin on top of a hill, where they meet Professor Alden, an archaeologist who explains that these are the Oldale Ruins. The three thank him and head on down. Afterwards, Ash decides to make a call to Professor Oak to update him on his latest ventures.

During the conversation though, May and Brendan butt in, after all, it is the famous Professor Oak, and May and Brendan are very happy to meet him. Ash first shows her the rooms that they get to stay in, then the Trainer lobby. Meanwhile, Team Rocket make a call to Giovanni. Giovanni is keen to learn of their progress, but Jessie and the others ask for a cash advance only to get a resounding no.

However, Giovanni gives them a task, to set up a Team Rocket branch in the Hoenn region. The trio is left speechless and declare that they received a promotion. After Giovanni hangs up, he informs Persian of his true plan, hoping that the expendable trio will help him to learn more about Team Aqua and Team Magma.

Later at the restaurant, Ash, May, and Brendan sit down for dinner with Ash and My sitting on one side, and with May pokemon bikini sitting on the other side. May takes one bite and she is quickly impressed by the food quality. Professor Alden approaches the trio, happy to see that reached town okay. He sits down to their dinner table conversation. Outside, a Team Magma Grunt watches with heat-sensing goggles and affirms that she has sighted Professor Alden. The leading member gives the go-ahead, so the Team Magma grunts move into position.

Back inside, the electricity goes out all of a sudden and then a few Team Magma members with their Numels and Houndoom confront Alden. Joy walks by going into the room, but she gets caught from behind by another Magma member. The Professor has no choice but to give in.

Team Rocket, on the other hand, resurfaces from their tunnel, but they find themselves still outside and soon surrounded by Team Magma. With that, Team Rocket runs off. May, Ash, Brendan, and Joy are thrown into the storage room.

May pokemon bikini

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