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This of Mass effect kelly dance Mass Effect 2 wiki guide is all about how to Romance Kelly Chambersincluding when it can be begun, whether it will jeopardize any other Romances, and how to have her look after your fish. Kelly Chambers is available to a Shepard of any gender, and is one of the earliest you can make an approach on.

Most notably, Romancing her will NOT jeopardize a Romance with any of your Squad Mates, which is highly unusual but probably appreciated by many players. She is also the only character in the game to have three possible scenes when invited to the Captain's Cabin at the end of the game. In your very first interaction, under Investigate you can pick "Are you happy here? Answer with "I'd embrace you" to initiate the Romance.

You can have three types of relationships with Kelly: Flirty, Friendly and Professional, as determined by your choice in your second conversation that becomes available after completing a Mission or Asment. An informal relationship means you can only have her take care of your fish, while a flirty one will mean that and the Captain's Cabin scene at the end of the game. A professional relationship has neither. If you decided for a flirty or friendly relationship, you'll be able to invite Kelly Chambers up for dinner after she's warmed up to you enough, after which she'll offer to look after your fish.

To do that you need to respond positively to her in every new interaction after you recruit a new Squad Member, as well as after the Horizon and Collector Ship Missions.

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Around about the point you complete the Collector Ship Mission, Kelly will express that she wish there was more time to get to know Shepard when you talk with her. Pick "Let's have dinner" to initiate the dinner scene which you don't get to see. As Kelly is a member of Normandy's crew, you must also make Mass effect kelly dance she survives the Suicide Mission at the end of Mass Effect 2.

Some time after acquiring it, the Collectors will arrive and kidnap the crew, including Kelly. If you went through the Omega-4 Relay as soon as the crew was kidnapped, then after the first section of the base infiltration, you'll recover her and the rest of Normandy's crew. Next, you should give them an Escort: picking anybody will work, but if the Escort is Loyal they'll survive this task as well. If you don't give them any escort, Kelly and the rest of the crew will die.

If you're in a flirty relationship with Kelly, then after the Suicide Mission you can continue things even further to unlock a Cabin invite scene, which will be longer compared to other Romances in the game. Do so via the Intercom, located in the office of the Captain's Cabin, and she'll be in a skimpy outfit from Chora's Den.

While she does have the lap and bed snuggle moments, she also has an exclusive erotic dance that she does on the Armor Locker too. Mass Effect 2 Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 22 Jul pm. Read with caution!

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An important thing to note is that while a Romance with Kelly will not get the Paramour Achievement in Mass Effect 2, you can opt to continue the Romance in Mass Effect 3, which will earn the Paramour Achievement in that game. Having Kelly feed your fish for you is important if you want them in Mass Effect 3, because she'll take care of them in the interim and will give them back when you meet her again.

This means you won't have to buy the Illium Skald Fish and Thessian Sunfish again, and it lets you retain the Prejek Paddle Fish, which cannot be obtained in 3 otherwise. Importantly, you must not be in an ongoing relationship with anybody else on the Normandy, even in the early stages of one before Locking them In. If you are, then this scene cannot be unlocked.

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Mass effect kelly dance

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