Masonic movies on netflix

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Does anyone have any suggestions on movies that have freemasonry in them?

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Something like Very accurate apart from needing a relative to introduce you, and the paddling of the swollen ass - with paddles. I like the Inside the Freemasons documentary on Netflix. I think National Treasure is probably best. Never watched it until like 2 months ago and really really enjoyed it. While the GN is justifiably considered a masterpiece of the genre, it's based on a totally specious piece of nonsense. You won't learn anything useful about Masonry from it.

I just think that it is a interesting topic for a movie.

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National Treasure is obviously the best one. The Man who would be king is pretty good. All of Dan Browns movies are fun. It was made just a couple of years after Stephen Knight's anti-Masonic Jack the Ripper fairy tale was published. It works as entertainment along with being my favorite Holmes and Watson casting of all timesand it gives you a little glimpse as to why the English press has been pretty anti-Masonic since the s or so. Stephen Knight's other book, 'The Brotherhood' trotted out every hoary anti-Masonic accusation and diatribe he could think of, and it was instrumental in convincing the public there that the police and the trial judges are all devious Masons who let brethren get away with murder and protect each other secretly.

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The Lost Symbol is coming to peacock streaming from Dan Brown. The trailer released earlier in the week. The Freemason was pretty good, actually done by a brother. Has Sam Gamgee in it. Might be of interest to you.

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Found the internet! Any good movies about freemasonry?? Posted by 5 months ago. Sort by: best. Simpsons Stonecutter episode. Reply Share. Continue this thread.

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Monte Python and The Holy Grail. Rosewood has masonry in it. More posts from the freemasonry community. A great resource for anyone interested in Freemasonry, from an individual interested in petitioning, to a Brother's first time in the East. Created Oct 1, Back to Top.

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Top Ten Masonic Movies and References to Freemasonry Secrets in Films: Part Two by Duncan Burden