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So what do I think about the series? Instead of mythical heroes, Marco Polo features a fascinating cast of characters largely rooted in reality. The show also sunk a ificant amount of money into hiring world-class artisans. All right, let me be clear here. The show is far from perfect in its portrayal of women.

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Are there at least two unnecessarily extended orgy scenes? Yes although in one of them a dude goes full frontal for a hot second! Is there at least one instance of sexposition? Are too many ladies infatuated with Marco Polo for no discernible reason? You betcha. Is there the threat of rape hovering in the air a few times? Is there goddamn naked kung fu at one point? There are no women actually raped on Marco Polonor are any of them impaled with arrows. And the nudity here? Well, it mostly makes sense. I genuinely believe we never did that.

And I really have a sense of gratefulness to these guys because I think they handled it so tastefully. For me artistically I think it showed the raw and dehumanizing situations Mei Lin had to overcome.

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In addition to the strategic use of nudity, the writers behind Marco Polo also do a commendable job in striking the right balance between treating women in a historically accurate manner, and creating compelling female characters a modern audience can identify with. There was the Chinese side, where women were ultimately cast aside, either as concubines or at the whim of powerful men. In Mongolia, though, women were lauded. They were warriors, they were leaders, they were never seen as second-class citizens.

In China, she explains, Mei Lin is demonized for possessing stereotypically male characteristics such as strength, intellect and political prowess. Although Asian cinema is replete with beautifully crafted films of every genre imaginable, the presence of Asian stories has been incredibly miniscule within the North American market. In an industry with arguably liberal leanings, diversity is still depressingly out of reach for Asian-American actors. According to a University of Southern California study, Asian actors make up just 4. Most upsetting, stories about minorities may not feature any visible minority actors.

A recent example of this whitewashing is the film Exodus, which came under fire for casting white actors to play the lead roles in a film about the Egyptian figure Moses. In actuality, the series is composed of a huge ensemble cast, over 90 per cent of which is non-white. Truthfully, Marco Polo is the least interesting character the show has to Marco polo netflix nudity. Instead, the Asian actors take centre stage, drawing you in with tales of espionage, warfare and familial struggle.

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Like a Trojan Horse for bros! We never set out to make a huge statement when it came to the representation of [minorities] but it ultimately became that. The rarity of such a predominantly Asian perspective is not lost on Cheng.

I am the Asian ethnicity that came in as the ethnic wild card. It was very different to be amongst peers from all over the world who had similar experiences like mine, who had faces that looked like mine.

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It was a really special opportunity. None of them are really good or innately evil. Is the show perfect with respect to how it portrays its Asian characters? Well, no. Stereotypically Asian tropes still inexplicably worm their way into the story. Wise old man who teaches a white dude kung fu? Calligraphy lessons? Ninjas with a penchant for killing in sneaky ways?

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Marco polo netflix nudity

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Netflix's orgy bonanza: "Marco Polo" gives a lesson in how not to write about other cultures