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Notifications can be turned off anytime from browser settings. Libby got away, the baby was found, and more importantly, for fans, John Moore Luke Evans and Sara Howard Dakota Fanning had not just a kiss, but a full-blown love scene. It's something that viewers have been waiting for, and needless to say, it went well beyond their expectations.

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There has been much tension between John and Sara, as they exchanged some stinging words in the episode. It doesn't help matters that John is engaged to Violet, who is furious at Sara's constant presence in his life. Matters were further aggravated when John excused himself from a dinner to go and save Sara, who took it upon herself to walk into Libby's creepy little storehouse alone, almost getting herself killed.

So what does this mean for John and Sara after their little love scene? What does the future hold?

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At this point, fans are waiting with bated breath for a dramatic revelation between them and praying he calls off the wedding with Violet. Don't play with my emotions TheAlienist," a fan tweeted.

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TheAlienist," another wrote. Also, shoutout to TheAlienist creators for showing man ass during this sex scene, instead of only focusing on the naked woman like most shows. TheAlienist," another tweeted. TheAlienist," one hoped. I cannot believe they let us have that.

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Others were appreciative of the fact that Dakota wasn't shown nude in this episode, but instead, Luke Evans was. AngelOfDarkness," one wrote. However, by the next episode, Sara doesn't address the fact that they had sex at all. TheAlienist," one wrote.

It's like they're saying all of this, but I'm still uncomfortable with the fact that we have knowledge of those two having sex.

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Did Sara just use him for some boom boom! Dang Girl," one rote as Sara just began to talk about LIbby right after the sex scene. Dang Girl. Turn on web notifications for latest news Notifications can be turned off anytime from browser settings. Copy to Clipboard. TheAlienist — Natalie sunchick August 3,

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