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He dropped even shorter odds during our discussion — and they could theoretically help ID the bad guy. Or at least, narrow down the field a bit. First, that depends on the states involved, of course. Plus, everything lives everywhere on the internet. In March, Ryan Collins, a Pennsylvania man, pleaded guilty to hacking into the s of more than people, most of them celebrities, in a large-scale nude-photo dump that became known as The Fappening. Ideas for a third installment in the legendary '80s franchise were bandied about for many years, but to the surprise of many -- and the anger of some -- Columbia Pictures settled on a reboot with an all-female team.

TheWrap looks back at the turbulent return of cinema's most famous parapsychologist agency. March -- Following the death of original "Ghostbusters" cast member Harold Ramisdirector Ivan Reitman bows out of his plans to direct a third film in the franchise. Plans for a "Ghostbusters 3" had long been held up by Bill Murraywho kept declining offers to return.

August -- Reports surface that "Bridesmaids" director Paul Feig entered talks with Sony Pictures to replace Reitman, and that "Ghostbusters" would be rebooted with an all-female cast, with Reitman as producer. Both the reboot and Feig's ing are confirmed two months later, with the cast change immediately receiving condemnations on Twitter from people who apparently think women can't hunt ghosts.

Reitman denies the reports, saying Leslie jones fappening project is the only "Ghostbusters" film moving forward. The role is a parallel to Janine Melnitz, the receptionist played by Annie Potts in the original film. Paul Feig tweets a photo of the redeed Ecto-1, the Ghostbusters' legendary car. August -- During filming, the main cast pays a visit to Tufts Medical Center in full costume. A Facebook post from the hospital with photos of the visit is filled with comments attacking the film and its Leslie jones fappeningcausing Tufts to post an additional post with a reminder that "any comments with profanity would be deleted.

September -- Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver are confirmed to appear in cameo roles in the new film. March 3, -- The first "Ghostbusters" trailer debuts on YouTube. As of this writing, the trailer has overdislikes on YouTube, making it the most disliked movie trailer in YouTube history.

Outside of social media, the trailer is also criticized for Leslie Jones ' character, Patty Tolan, who worked as an MTA worker before ing the Ghostbusters, while the other women have scientific backgrounds.

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A Fusion article calls Patty's presence in the trailer a "minstrel show. The regular one that rep the people. You guys are the racists by labeling her a lowly MTA worker. April 27 -- Sony releases a featurette focusing on Hemsworth's character. It receives 2, likes and over 4, dislikes on YouTube, with comments decrying the film for portraying the male receptionist as a stereotypical dumb but attractive blonde. May 16 -- YouTuber James Rolfe, who did several "Ghostbusters" retrospectives for his website, CineMassacre, releases a vlog explaining why he will not be seeing or reviewing the new film.

The vlog gets media attention and becomes the subject of jokes on Twitter.

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I just hope they find a friend. May 30 -- Original Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd endorses the film on his WhoSay after viewing a test screening: "Apart from brilliant, genuine performances from the Leslie jones fappening both female and male, it has more laughs and more scares than the first 2 films plus Bill Murray is in it! The song, which also features Missy Elliott, receives largely negative reviews. July 7 -- McCarthy and Wiig reveal that during filming, a scene in which the Ghostbusters release a video to YouTube was ad-libbed to mock the vitriol the film had received since its inception.

July 18 -- In the days following the film's release, Jones began receiving racist abuse on Twitter, including pictures of apes. A day later, Twitter bans Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos for terms of service violations. Yiannopoulos was accused of posting tweets that encouraged harassment against Jones, including screenshots of tweets falsely attributed to the actress. August 24 -- Jones' personal website is hacked to display personal information, including her drivers' and passport, as well as explicit photos of her and a picture of Harambe, the gorilla that was put down at the Cincinnati Zoo earlier this summer.

After months of vitriol, the new "Ghostbusters" film is finally arriving in theaters this week.

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