Jimmy johnson cheating

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Johnson wrecked his car in the first Cup practice earlier Friday while making a mock qualifying run. Crew chief Chad Knaus brought the backup No. By electing to bypass qualifying, Johnson started 37th in the car field Sunday and finished 21st. They followed all the rules.

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NASCAR considered that they were attempting to qualify because they tried to practice, and they wrecked their car. No rules were broken. I understand what Chad Knaus is saying.

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These backup cars today are put in that trailer that can go win the race. The fans were cheated, in my opinion, in not having that car on the racetrack. So, Chad has his last car in the trailer, and to put it together and put Jimmie on the racetrack with no laps and take a chance at having something go wrong with that car.

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Jimmie Johnson: driving in the shadow of scandal