Jessica rabbit swimsuit

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Daredevil 1 - Insects, Beetles: Closterus Oculatus. Price Guide M. By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience. Pin Set! Info provided from Surf's up for bathing beauty Jessica who models five different swimsuits on her trip to the beach.

The Card has a light blue border with white shell outlines in the border. The background is a cartoon beach at sunset.

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For the first pin, Jessica is giving an over the shoulder glance wearing a dark pink with purple flowered bathing suit and white sandals. Behind this pin the scene is three dressing rooms, a palm tree and a pole holding a life preserver.

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The next pin is Jessica walking in a short red wetsuit holding a purple surfboard with light green flowers. Changed from original concept art which didnt include bathing suit shorts. Behind this pin the scene is Stupid Weasel in a wetsuit holding a surfboard over his head and standing next to 3 surfboards, one with flames and a Mickey emblem, the other with a shark-type face and the other is neon green.

The next pins is Jessica in a light and dark purple striped bathing suit from the 's with knee-length light purple socks. She wears a purple hat with a flower on it, holding a pink umbrella and sipping a drink. Next to this pin the scene is Bongo the Gorilla in white and blue striped bathing suit at a Lemonade stand. The next pin is Jessica sitting at a table wearing purple bracelets, a pink bikini top and pink sarong. Changed from original concept art of Jessica in a leopard print bathing suit and white robe with her arms behind her head sitting cross legged in a pink and white beach chair with her yellow sandals.

The scene next Jessica rabbit swimsuit the pin is Psycho Weasel wearing a chef hat at a bar-b-que grill flipping a hamburger. Behind this pin is a dark and light pink and purple beach umbrella and purple beach towel. Nearby is Roger Rabbit's head popping out of the sand and a sand bucket and shovel. Official Disney Backstamp!

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Jessica rabbit swimsuit

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DISNEY Jessica Rabbit Bathing Suit LE Pin Set HOT!