Im naked im numb

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Hip hop aint dead no more. Harlem King we plugged in until the end my general just keep pushing I see the vision of a King speaking Kinglish. Song so dope. The topic, flow, the bass guitar, drums and piano You Mean For Anything? Any, Any, Anything? I'm Numb. Every time i listen to this it reminds me of when i got shot. Dave East is like a new Nas. Watch a new interview today of him mentioning this song and just now hearing it for the first time.

I follow for follower. Best in the game Everything East got on wax is fire Definitely my favorite rap artist I know this is how many people are feeling after Nipsey's death. This tune is hella sad. Addictedand welcome to the system. You also touch my perspective. So that makes me a millionaire by decision.

Finally someone made a song about this serious topic that teens and adults go through on a daily basis been through so much shit that I've gone numb to this sick game called life word up nigga nigga keep your mothafu king head up for real tho. Every Track is a different story I can see. East is one of the best under appreciated lyricist in the Game. East is one of a kind. I'm in love with hip hop So Im naked im numb she meet dis ahki?

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I know I'm late on this one but this track is sick I kno drinking killing me but I only feel like I'm dying wen I don't I'm numb. Streets Needed That One. Been a while since I felt anything man. Body cold. I don't feel nothing no more. No shine, no rain, no crying, no pain, no love, no hate. I don't feel it. No feelings, let me just live. Numb to the world I'm numb, I don't feel nothing no more No shine, no rain, no crying, no pain, no love, no hate. Trevor Logan. Sua97 Que. Rashaud Foreman. Marlon Johnson. AmAdAA M.

J Blaze. Shawn Spence. Simone Hinton. Kaen Kano. Crystal Roderick. Twizz The Whiz Kid. Camila S. Tareef Jabbar.

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Im naked im numb

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