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Looking for a pornstar finder, porn wiki or adult film database? Not everyone who watches porn is a rabid, foaming at the mouth porn addict who stays in his room all day with closed curtains, desperately beating his meat to video after video in the darkness of nothing but the glow of his computer screen. Some of us fancy ourselves porn connoisseurs — enthusiasts of the adult entertainment industry.

Do we like a good fap now and then just as Iafd tattoo search as the next guy? Well, sure. We appreciate porn as an art form, a legitimate means of expression and we respect the actresses, actors, directors, and producers who make it possible.

We, of course, still have our favorite porn studios and sites that we go to when we are in Iafd tattoo search of a wanking, but we also like to keep abreast of the happenings in the adult entertainment world. So, we have the sites that we go to for porn news, and we have the sites that we go to for porn. Which is why we go to sites such as IAFD. It is a database of adult films, actors, and actresses, but it so much more than that as well. It is also a resource for adult video news, useful resources for all things adult entertainment, a regularly updated blog with fascinating articles, and a place to read adult film reviews.

They have opted for a simple white background with black text down the center of the. To the left, you will find, interestingly enough, a list of porn stars who were born today in case you feel like wishing them a happy birthday by cumming to them.

They also provide some very useful insights into what is trending at the moment … not to mention some great recommendations of girls, scenes, and directors to check out. Dead center of the home is a news feed which posts directly from the IAFD blog, keeping users up to date both with the happenings of the adult industry and IAFD itself. Here, you will find articles on the AVN Awards, the most prolific performers in porn, and a sprawling list of solid Christmas porn broken into of straight, gay, and trans. At the very top of the homeyou will find a helpful and easy to use site menu bar.

Although there is no porn on IAFD, the adult movie database, there is clearly more than enough to keep you busy. Paying Homage and Some Compellingly Fun Features The people behind porn are especially important to IAFD, as is evidenced by all of the tributes and dedications to them to be found on the site. Not only does IAFD seem concerned with giving the porn stars, directors, and producers of today the respect that they deserve, they also are interested in making sure that the deceased porn stars of the past are able to live on, that they are not so easily forgotten just because they are no longer fucking on camera.

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These people still dedicated their lives to providing a service that makes a lot of people happy, and, so, they should never be forgotten. IAFD helps ensure that their legacy lives on. If porn does anything in the way of dehumanizing, IAFD is here to rehumanize the objects of our lustful affections.

But there are some fun features to be enjoyed on IAFD as well. The Birthday and Astrology sections can be fascinating to check out. Find porn stars who share your birthday and see if you have any special connection to the way they fuck! Or simply search an archive of porn stars by astrological. Gotta love that Astrology. This service will definitely help you narrow down your search. You can search by part of the title that you remember if Iafd tattoo search. You can also search by ethnicity, heritage, hair color, debut year, birth year, retirement year, even tattoo.

Cool, right? In addition to all of these, you can search by rare sex acts shaved, fisting, squirt, cream pie, DDP, DAP, pee, golden shower, interracial, or auto-fellatio. Read up a little bit on how the industry works before you fly out to your audition with Brazzers. There are no limits to what you can do and learn on IAFD. It is a great resource and should be a required companion site for every self-proclaimed porn connoisseur out there. Open IAFD. IAFD Huge archive of porn movies, actresses, actors, directors, etc. Awesome list of helpful resources Up-to-date news about the adult entertainment industry Respect paid to porn stars, new and old Boring site de.

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Iafd tattoo search

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