I made out with my mom

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I came home that night as usual, My mother was drunk. She used to drink every day and every night. She doesn't anymore. But anyway, I complemented her etc. And then we began kissing. With tounge. And I asked to see her ass, She showed me it saying "It's just an ass", and laughed, She didn't mention it for a year, Until last month when she said, She "remembers" everything. What the hell.

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You crossed the line about 2 miles ago. Put that bus in park before you wreck it bud. In what context did she say that she remembered everything? Did she say anything else? How did you respond? I mentioned it to her. She replied with that. I do remember she was drinking that night, She does it once in a blue moon now. Found the internet!

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I made out with my mother. Posted by 7 years ago.

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Sort by: best. Holy shit dude. Continue this thread. Mom erotica: a staple of this subreddit.

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OP, seriously. Give her the Sonny D. Well, keep us posted.

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Give her the D. I'm proud of the comments here. I think you all know why. Weird, but hot. More posts from the confession community. Created Nov 2, Top posts october 13th Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top.

I made out with my mom

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I Wish My Mom Could Accept Me